Wearing sex underwear suitable for sticking milk stickers

What is milk sticker?

Paste milk is a kind of sexy underwear without straps.It supports the chest through glue to eliminate the constraints and discomfort of traditional underwear straps on the skin.Because of the design of the shoulder strap, it is the best choice for wedding dresses, evening dresses, backless clothes.

Advantages of milk stickers

Patching milk is a very practical sexy underwear.The design of the shoulder -free strap can avoid the shoulder strap marks, avoid the insufficiency of the underwear in the hot weather, and greatly improve the comfort of wearing.In addition, the front of the bra has supporting and protective effects on the chest shape, making the chest shape more straightforward and charming.

Applicable crowd of milk stickers

Milk stickers can be applied to many people.It is an excellent choice for fat people, because it can increase the bottom distance of the valley, so that the figure appears more well; it is also suitable for women with small chest shapes that can make the breast plump; in addition, for middle -aged and elderly women with loose breasts,Although it will be slightly more difficult to wear, it can tighten the relaxation muscles of the chest and make the chest shape more upright.

How to correctly wear stickers

1. Lifting the chest from the bottom to the top, gradually stick the milk paste;

2. According to the chest shape and individual, you need to adjust the position of the paste sticker by yourself;

3. After sticking, gently press the milk sticker with both hands, and gently press the surroundings to fit the chest as much as possible.


1. Do not use stickers prematurely.It should be used after the development period and the chest shape.(General should be used over 20 years old);

2. Patients with breast skin wounds, eczema and other skin diseases should not be used;

3. During use, avoid strenuous exercise, otherwise it will affect the effect of milk stickers.

Cleaning of milk stickers

After use, it should be washed with warm water and cleaning solution to remove dirt such as sticky paste and bacteria.Then dry it naturally.Be sure not to use solvents and laundry powder cleaning agents to clean paste.

Wearing sex underwear suitable for sticking milk stickers

Interest underwear is a choice to increase sex and color.When wearing a sexy underwear, if it is a sexy underwear with a back or strap, traditional underwear is difficult to match.The design of the sticker’s shoulder -free strap can perfectly solve this problem.In addition, the milk sticker can better show the design of the sexy underwear, which is more charming and sexy.

How to choose sticker stickers

1. The adhesion of the milk sticker must be strong enough, but don’t be too firm, otherwise it will feel very uncomfortable;

2. Be sure to choose the size of your own size.

3. Try to choose a brand with a brand, so as to ensure longer fit and fit.

Channel of buying milk stickers

There are many channels for buying milk stickers to buy professional underwear stores, sex products stores, supermarkets, websites and other places.These places have special milk stickers counters or areas, which can be freely purchased according to their needs and preferences.


Paste the milk sticker with a brand new dressing experience.On the occasion of wearing sexy underwear, backless clothes, wedding dresses, etc., it can let you get rid of the restraint of the shoulder straps, enjoy a relaxed and comfortable dressing experience, and more beautiful and charming.However, when using milk stickers, you should also pay attention to the problems such as positioning and cleaning in order to better ensure the effectiveness of use.

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