Wedding to send sexy underwear and what


Marriage is an important moment in life. It is the guarantee for two people to love each other throughout their lives.Although it is not the focus of the wedding, it still needs to consider it carefully to express the blessings and care of the newcomers.As a part of the indispensable part of sex life, sexy underwear has become one of the gifts that many newcomers are concerned about.But it takes some techniques and precautions to get a sexual underwear to get a sexy underwear, and it will be introduced in detail for you next.

Meaning of a gift

Before giving gifts, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the gift so that it is more appropriate to choose gifts.Although sexy underwear has the characteristics of interest and sexy, it should express more emotional and care meaning.On this basis, choosing a relatively conservative, generous and decent underwear is a better choice.

The personality and preference of the newcomer

The choice of any gift should be determined according to the personality, taste and preference of the newcomer. Different people have different aesthetics and personality.If the newcomer has a restrained personality, you can choose a ladylike sexy underwear; if the newcomer is more open, you can choose a more sexy and avant -garde style.

Color choice

The color of sexy underwear also requires the right choice.Generally speaking, white or elegant underwear is more suitable for giving gifts when getting married.Although black underwear is sexy, it will have a little ambiguousness; red underwear will look too direct, which is not conducive to enhance the feelings between newcomers.

Selection of size

Size is a problem that you need to pay special attention when choosing sexy underwear.Because the sexy underwear is relatively tight, be sure to choose a size suitable for the newcomer shape.Excessive or too small underwear will make newcomers feel uncomfortable, which is not conducive to improving feelings.

Style choice

There are many styles of sexy underwear. From lace to silk, from three -point to tights, from transparent to translucent, you can choose the corresponding style according to the preferences of the newcomer, personality, and occasion.In short, the style must be matched with the personality of the newcomer to better present the charm of sexy underwear.

Material selection

In addition to styles, materials are also very important.The quality of high quality and comfortable and soft material can not only bring a pleasant dressing experience to the newcomers, but also to convey the care and care of the gifts for the newcomers.The general sexy underwear is based on lace, silk, polyester fiber and other materials.

Brand choice

When choosing a sexy underwear brand, you can conduct some surveys online.The sexy underwear of well -known brands not only has high materials and production quality, but also ensures the comfort and sexuality of the newcomers, and achieve the expected effect of gift giving.The well -known brands in China are invisible people, Afu, Lufu, Playboy, and so on.

Giving time

The time to send sex underwear is also the focus of consideration.You can surprise the newcomers in the honeymoon schedule before the wedding; you can also carefully prepare a romantic gift after returning home, and complete a honeymoon when two people enjoy love.

The matching of other gifts

Interest underwear is a very representative gift, but it does not necessarily meet all newcomers’ needs.It can be paired with some practical and commemorative gifts, such as items required for newlywed travel; you can also send some jewelry jewelry such as photo frames, decorations, rings, necklaces, leaving beautiful memories.


Marriage is an important moment for two people. The purpose of choosing a gift is to express their blessings and care for newcomers.Although sexy underwear is a relatively unique gift, when choosing, you must consider the personality, taste, occasion and other factors of newcomers to better convey your heart.

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