What age is suitable for playing with sexy underwear

What age is suitable for playing with sexy underwear


With the development of society, sexy underwear has become a very popular fashion culture.It is not just a self -expression, but also a symbol of gender liberation.However, because women of different ages have differences in their bodies and psychology, choosing the right sexy underwear also needs to be different from person to person.

Is it suitable for girls?

Girls’ period refers to girls from 11 to 19.At this stage, the girl’s body is in the development stage.Therefore, for girls, it is better to choose chest protection underwear, which can better support the chest and help the healthy development of the chest.In addition, you should choose a simple and more conservative sexy underwear to avoid unnecessary trouble to yourself and others.

Is adolescence suitable?

Adolescence refers to the age period from 13 to 19, which is the development period of sexual characteristics.At this time, women’s body is more sensitive. For over -tight sexy underwear, they may affect the development of the body. Therefore, they should still choose a more loose style and pay attention to the comfort of the material. Do not use too irritating and harmful materials.

Is adult woman suitable?

Adult women refer to women who have reached the legal marriage age, that is, over 20 years old.At this stage, women’s figures are relatively mature, so you can choose a variety of different erotic underwear, and match it according to your personal shape and hobbies. At the same time, you should pay attention to choosing a style that suits your body.

Is middle -aged woman suitable?

Middle -aged women refer to women aged 40 to 60. At this time, women’s bodies will change significantly, and problems such as sagging chest and back deformation begin to appear.Therefore, middle -aged women need to choose underwear with more side -effects, such as suspended sexy underwear and tight corsets.

Is it suitable for elderly women?

Elderly women refer to women at the age of 60 and above. At this time, women’s bodies are getting aging, and they need to choose loose, comfortable, easy to wear and take off underwear.For elderly women, it should pay more attention to the gentle care of the underwear, and it is a better choice for sexy underwear with a certain health effect.

Effect of sexy underwear

1. Improve self -confidence: Putting on a sexy underwear that suits you can make women more confident and attractive.

2. Shape body shape: Fun underwear can shape the body curve, and some styles can also be collected.

3. Improve sexy: Interest underwear is not just a clothing, but a symbol of sexy.


1. Consider your own body and hobbies when choosing, choose the right style of your own.

2. Choose comfortable materials to avoid too irritating and harmful materials.

3. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear to avoid using too exciting cleaning agents.


Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can bring us more happiness and confidence.However, when choosing, you must consider your physical condition and needs to avoid blindly follow the trend.I hope that every woman can wear a perfect sexy underwear within their own suitable range to show her most beautiful side.

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