What are the sexy underwear generally like straight men

What are the sexy underwear generally like straight men

As a representative of sexy underwear, more and more women are trying to use it to increase the fun of sex.What choices do straight men have when facing sexy underwear?Let’s step by step to understand the preferences of straight men when buying sexy underwear.

1. Extreme sexy: offer the indescribable temptation

Straight men generally prefer sexy sexy underwear, because this can give them visual stimulus and psychological satisfaction.For example, deep V -neck, suspender type, low -cut dew -collarbone and other styles.And for men who often exercise, the body that often exercise is more vulnerable to the appreciation of these sexy underwear.

2. approachable people: simple styles are more popular

Although sexy and sexy underwear is very popular, the underwear, which is too complicated for straight men, will make them confused.Therefore, simple styles, such as monochrome and non -fancy design, will be more popular.At the same time, the relaxation after wearing them can also improve the intimate relationship.

3. Pink tender and cute: naughty and naughty girl style

Pink colors and cute designs are young people’s love for sexy underwear.For example, pink lace, bow, broadband lace and other shapes can show a soft girl feeling.This kind of underwear can not only make men feel romantic, but also make women feel the tenderness of being loved.

4. Night light shining: the glowing sexy underwear increases fun

Whether in the dark or during the day, the straight men have a soft spot for the emotional sexy lingerie.These underwear are made of fluorescent materials, which can emit fashionable light and make underwear more beautiful.This sexy underwear increases the mystery of sex and makes the relationship more exciting.

5. Transparent desire: see the perspective design of the body curve

Transparent underwear is also one of the styles that are welcomed by straight men.Performance mesh, transparent lace and other styles can make women’s bodies show in a gentle lace, allowing men to stay on the female body curve of women.This sexy underwear can strengthen the intimate relationship between the two people.

6. Exquisite and gorgeous: The complicated style increases the visual impact

Exquisite sexy underwear shows a more gorgeous style, such as complicated lace and diamond design.This kind of underwear shows more taste and details, so that straight men can find that the female companions are different.Considering the needs of customers, this sexy lingerie style is also continuously launched.

7. Violent sexy: low -cut and perspective mix and match

As an attempt, straight men also like to try magnificent sexy underwear, such as low -cut and perspective mixing.Although this kind of sexy underwear is not convenient, the ultimate effect is very shocking.This sexy underwear can inspire men’s courage, and make women feel the protection of protection.

8. Oriental temptation: sexy underwear with oriental characteristics

Straight men are also interested in erotic underwear with oriental characteristics, such as the embellishment of Chinese patterns or an orientalization with a layered sense.This sexy underwear can show women’s gentleness and nobleness, making straight men more fascinating to oriental style.

9. Pure color tone: pure and elegant

The pure color is simple and elegant, and is welcomed by straight men.In addition to pure black and pure white, there are many gray, gold, silver and other colors.This sex underwear reflects the changing visual impact in the black and white grid or classic two colors.

10. Special customization: presented in coupled style

In some cases, Straight men will ask for a set of couples to make a set of couple outfits from sexual underwear customizers.This sexy lingerie style generally has a style of men and women, and usually standards with individual phrases and innovative designs.Straight men can choose their favorite styles with the female companion, and pull the distance between the two.


When buying sexy underwear, straight men will pay attention to the sexy degree, the convenience of wearing and the complicated style of sexy underwear.In these sexy underwear, the ultimate sexy, easy -to -be, pink and cute, shining luminous, transparent desire, exquisite and gorgeous, violent sexy, oriental temptation, solid color tone and special customization are all welcomed by straight men.Of course, different people have different shopping choices. The most important thing is to find what they like.

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