What are the sexy underwear in AV

What are the sexy underwear in AV?

In recent years, with the popularity of sexy underwear, more and more AV actresses have begun to wear sexy underwear.So, what kind of sexy underwear do AV actresses wear?This article will answer this question for you.

1. Transparent material

Interesting underwear of transparent materials occupies a large proportion in AV.This underwear is welcomed by its perspective effect.The transparent lace and mesh materials can fully show the figure’s figure curve, while maintaining a certain mystery.

2. Lace edge

Lace edge is a common design element in sexy underwear.You can make the wearer look more cute and sexy.In AV, the sexy underwear of lace is one of the first choices for actresses.

3. Tight -fitting style

The tight sexy underwear is used to highlight the figure of the actress.Common styles include shorts, straps and chest wrap.These styles can make the skin’s skin smoother and easier to evoke the imagination of the audience.

4. Vest type

Vest -style sexy underwear is more suitable for those who are more introverted.Usually this underwear is close and there are no too much design elements.However, it can well highlight the chest lines of actresses.

5. Broken jagules

Brooli trousers are actually civilian styles, and they become more popular in AV.The plasticity of this sexy underwear is relatively strong, and it is easy to adapt to the size of different physical quarters.Moreover, it is also excellent on showing the sexy side of the actress.

6. Rest -shaped shirt

Restraction underwear usually includes constraints and leather underwear.This underwear makes actresses look more powerful, sexy and mysterious.It requires a certain skill to be worn to restraint underwear. It expresses a symbol of sexy and controlling.

7. Scratch

Scratches are the wear effect of deliberately manufacturing on sexy underwear.This design element makes the underwear look more historically and mysterious.In AV, the sexy underwear of scratches is often used with leather underwear, which can show the sexy of the actress.

8. Short suspender

The short suspender is one of the most classic sexy lingerie styles in AV.This underwear has the effect of tight and dew, and can well highlight the chest lines of actresses.However, it is not suitable for those who like to breathe freely.

9. Gymnastics

Although many underwear styles have been photographed in AVs, the gymnastics styles are still favored by actresses.The design of the gymnastics uniform can highlight the outline of the actress’s body, and it is also very convenient to clutch.

10. High waist style

High -waist sexy underwear is used to highlight the waist line of actresses.This design usually includes tight shorts and waist underwear.High -waisted erotic underwear not only makes the actress’s waist look more slender, but also provides support for the hip lines.

in conclusion

There are not many differences in AV actresses in the underwear style, because sexy underwear is used to show actresses sexy and mysterious.Therefore, when you put on a sexy underwear, you only need to find a style that suits you, and then you can enjoy your sexy.

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