What brand of sexy underwear everyone wears

What brand of sexy underwear everyone wears

Interest underwear is no longer the product of traditional professional clothing as required, but appears.Interest underwear has become a common dress in nightclubs and dinner party, which makes women emit confidence and sexy.Despite being in the sexy underwear market, everyone has its own preferences for the style of sex underwear brand.So, what brand of sexy underwear do you wear?

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secrets are known as the leaders of the field of sexy underwear, because their series are complete, from ordinary underwear to sexy sexy underwear.In addition, Victoria’s secrets also have its unique angel model lineup. They are more sexy and charm with sexy underwear.

2. Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette has more than 50 branches, and is a fashion sexy underwear brand in Australia.Honey Birdette is committed to designing a variety of novel, high -quality sexy underwear, and provides perfect accessories to make women’s sexy more high.

3. Admire

Ireas is China’s sexy underwear brand. It is a professional sexy underwear, swimsuit and home clothing. It has a variety of styles.The love underwear of admiration is exquisite and delicate, without losing quality and sexy.

4. Bluebella

Bluebella is a British first sexy underwear brand. It is good at using black and gold as the main color, forming a strong visual impact.Lace, hook flowers, and net -eye fabric mix and match each other to create a unique sexy style.

5. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British brand founded in 1994. It is famous for its unique shapes and high -quality fabrics.The twists and turns and pioneer design of the Agent Provocateur brand undoubtedly win more followers.

6. Myla London

London is a brand of Myla London, which focuses on the brand’s "sexy, elegant, visual design". It is characterized by transparent lace and metal diamond jewelry, simple and shocking.

7. La Perla

La Perla was founded in 1954. It is a Italian brand, known for its high -quality fabrics, innovative design and quality services.Most of La Perla’s sexy underwear is made of superb lace, which is comfortable and sexy.

8. Wacoal

Wacoal is a brand in Japan mainly producing women’s underwear. It was founded in 1949.Wacoal’s sexy underwear is full of soft atmosphere from color to fabrics, and at the same time, it emits women’s beauty with bright colors.


In addition to the above brands, there are many erotic underwear brands.Each brand provides people with distinctive and high -quality sexy underwear.It is important to choose the right brand that is suitable for your own. Different brands are suitable for different occasions and different individual needs.Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality and adaptation of the brand to wear their own unique charm.

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