What is good for selling sexy underwear and socks


Interest underwear and socks are a kind of creative and personalized clothing. They can improve people’s sexual experience and make people more relaxed and comfortable.The market competition for selling sexy underwear and socks is fierce. Therefore, you need to know what kind of sexy underwear and socks to sell will win the favor of customers.

Quality and comfort:

First of all, whether you sell men’s underwear or women’s underwear, the importance of quality and comfort is self -evident.High -quality underwear and socks help provide better comfort and longer service life. Therefore, you need to do a good job of quality inspection and provide attractive guarantees to consumers.

Various styles:

Today, consumers no longer satisfy traditional underwear styles, and they prefer to have various forms of choices.Therefore, you need to provide sexy underwear and socks of various colors and styles to meet different consumer needs.

Material and fabric:

Some erotic underwear use different materials and fabrics in the design and production process, such as silk, fish mesh, leather and plastic.This variety will bring you more suggestions, and can provide more different choices based on consumer preferences.

Size and capacity:

The size and capacity of underwear and socks are critical to buyers.Make sure you have sexy underwear and socks of various specifications and capacity, which can meet the needs of customers.This can attract consumers of different ages, body shape and taste.

Specific occasions:

Different occasions require different sexy underwear and socks, such as party, marriage, Valentine’s Day or Christmas and other occasions.Reserve a large number of sexual emotional interest underwear and socks with a large number of specific marks and design before these dates, which will greatly increase your sales.

Personalization customization:

The customization of personalized underwear and socks has become a market trend.Therefore, you need to provide special services for consumers, such as printing names on underwear and socks, tattoos or personalized slogans.

Marketing and advertising:

To promote sales, you need good marketing and advertising strategies.You can expand influence on social media, release publicity albums, discount promotion, and hold new conferences and other activities.

service quality:

Providing consumers with excellent customer service and after -sales service will help you establish a good reputation and retorters.Before providing fast and satisfactory services, find out the problem and solve it in time.


It is not easy to survive in the market for selling sexy underwear and socks. It is not easy to have good product positioning, attractive creative design, flexible sales strategies and meticulous customer service to attract consumers and succeed.

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