What is the English name of sexy underwear

What is the English name of sexy underwear?——In an article introduced a common English name of sexy underwear


Interests of underwear, as the name suggests, are designed underwear designed to enhance interest.It is usually more sexy and gorgeous.As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear is sold in various stores and has a variety of different English names.This article will introduce the common English names of sexy underwear.

Sexy Lingerie

The word "lingerie" refers to underwear, women’s pajamas, etc.Vivid and beautiful, it sounds very feminine, so sexy ladies like to use "Sexy Lingerie" or "Erotic Lingerie" to call this sexy underwear.

Intmate apparel

The phrase "Intimate Apparel" can also refer to sexy underwear or other more private clothing.Different from the previous word, "Intimate Apparel" also contains basic personal clothes such as lining, underwear, and close -up shirt.

Seductive wear

"SEDUCTIVE Wear" or "Sexy Wear" can be used to depict sexy and charming underwear. These underwear are often used in various interests, such as Valentine’s Day, honeymoon travel, and sexy party.

Hot Underwear

"Hot Underwear" is another sexy name, which is usually used to describe those dizzying underwear shapes, such as transparent yarn or hollow design.In addition, some "Hot Underwear" are even equipped with glittering and eye -catching sequins.

Erotic Lingerie

This name is a bit similar to "Sexy Lingerie", but it is more darker than it.Many sexy underwear manufacturers add the word "EROTIC" to their product versions to highlight their high -end sexy and texture.

Exotic Lingerie

The word "Exotic Lingerie" is usually used to describe a different sexy underwear.Various strange design elements are often seen in such underwear, such as animal printing, nylon satin, or extremely complex mesh design.

Provocative lingerie

The described underwear described by "PROVOCATIVE LINGERIE" not only has sexy design elements, but also emphasizes the elements of temptation.The design of this underwear often focuses on bareness, so it is considered an extreme sexy underwear.

Bridal lingerie

"Bridal Lingerie" is different from the sexy underwear mentioned earlier, and it is usually used for underwear worn by the bride during the wedding.These underwear are extremely gorgeous and beautiful, usually with elements such as silk, lace, and embroidery. Its design purpose is to fully show the bride’s charm.


Quota underwear has many different English names, but they all have one thing in common: they are all used to enhance interest.Although this underwear has been widely popular, for women who are purchased or experienced for the first time, they are still some moral or cultural obstacles, and we need to gradually accept and understand.Whether in buying and design, sexy underwear can provide us with a comfortable and sexy experience, making us more confident and attractive.

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