What is the name of the model of 的 衣 趣 underwear?

Introduce the Mu Mu brand

Founded in 2015, the Mu Mu brand is a fashionable and sexy underwear brand integrating design, research and development, production, and sales.Its products are favored in domestic and foreign markets with selected fabrics, fine craftsmanship, and unique design.

Introduction to Mu Mu brand endorsement model

The Mu Mu brand has always been committed to providing customers with high -quality products, and also pays attention to the brand image publicity.Therefore, they have many well -known models to endorse their products, and the most famous models are Mandy.

Who is Mandy?

Mandy, formerly known as Mandy Wei, is a model with a mixed background of China and the United States.He has studied at the University of Los Angeles and California, and focuses on film and business psychology.When pursuing her model dream, she was attracted by the unique style of the Mu brand and became the spokesperson of the brand.

Why choose Mandy as a spokesperson?

The Mandy brand chose Mandy as the spokesperson, not only because of her high appearance, but also because her multicultural background is in line with the value of the brand’s pursuit of design diversity.

Mandy endorsement style

Mandy endorsed multiple products of the Mu Mu brand, such as new sexual love underwear, daily comfortable underwear, and swimsuit.Her endorsement set a model for brand product propaganda, attracting the sought after by countless customers.

The endorsement strategy of the Mu brand

With its trend, fashion image and spokesperson’s blessing, the Mu brand has received more and more attention in the market.In addition to the speaker of Mandy, the brand has also invited many well -known models at home and abroad, such as Miranda Kerr, Lin Yun, Li Qin, etc., and released endorsement photos on its official social media platform to attract moreFans.

The product positioning of Feumu brand

The Mu Mu brand is committed to providing modern women with design, beautiful and generous sexy underwear products.Its product is positioned in the high -end market, mainly serving urban women with pursuit, love, and attach importance to quality.

The R & D team of the Mu Mu brand

The R & D team of the Mu brand is composed of a number of professional talents in the industry. They have created a series of high -quality, high -quality, high -quality, suitable products suitable for various occasions through the continuous research and improvement of fabrics, design, and craftsmanship.

The innovation of the Mu Mu brand

The Mu Mu brand always pays attention to the innovation of products, constantly follows up the latest international trends. At the same time, it focuses on combining the characteristics of Chinese local cultural characteristics to improve and upgrade products to meet the needs of the majority of users.

The market prospects of the Mu Mu brand

With the advancement of society and the continuous upgrading of people’s consumption concepts, women’s demand for underwear has become higher and higher.As a brand specializing in high -end sexy underwear production and sales, the Mu brand will have a broader development space in the future market.

in conclusion

In general, with its unique design style, high -quality products and diversified spokesperson resources, the Mu brand has become one of the high -profile brands in the domestic and foreign sex lingerie market.It will play an increasingly important role in the market.

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