What is the principle of sexy underwear design

Introduce the principle of sexy underwear design

Interest underwear is used to increase sex, irritation and sexy underwear.The designer fully considers the design by understanding the ergonom aesthetics, pressure points, and material selection.The design principle of sexy underwear is as follows.

The first principle: cooperate with the outline of the body

The design of sexy underwear meets the outline of the body, and shows the lines and curves of the body in a package.Design should improve sexuality, combined with the body’s streaming shape, suitable for the body and size of the wearer.By reduction or increase the amount of materials, different bodies are settled.

The second principle: the choice of materials

The material of sexy underwear generally uses soft and smooth materials such as velvet, mesh, lace, etc. to maintain the soft touch and comfort of the wearer’s skin.The material must have sufficient strength maintenance, can expose the parts that need to be exposed and ensure comfort.At the same time, the material must be selected to prevent the maintenance requirements of the ball and avoid the maintenance of dead ends and stains.

Third principle: exquisite sutures and details

The perfect underwear design is full of sophisticated and details. Each cutting and each stitch pay attention to details, making the underwear more comfortable.For example, suture, tailoring, and pads make the underwear more full, more in line with the outline of the wearer, making the sexy underwear show the most beautiful side.

Fourth principle: chest care function

Interest underwear should not only be used for decoration, but also has the function of chest care.People with different body shapes will also have different chest shapes and sizes. Therefore, the design of sexy underwear needs different nursing functions to support and plump chests to prevent expansion and prevent drooping.

Fifth principle: front and rear conjoined design

In the design of erotic underwear, the design of the front and rear one conjoined is a very popular way.This method can make the cup and panties more closely connected, and highlight the curve of the body, making the shape of the underwear more natural, and clinging to the body more closely to make the figure more beautiful and sexy.

Sixth principle: sexy and health with both

The design of erotic underwear must not only take care of sexy and beautiful, but also health.Designers should avoid the use of materials or shapes and cause health problems.For example, unqualified erotic underwear can easily cause infection diseases such as underwear and vaginitis.

Seventh principle: diversified style

Interest underwear has a rich style choice, which can be selected according to different occasions, clothing or physical feelings.Each style can express its claims and ideas through appropriate cultural elements, such as color, theme and printing effect.

Eighth Principles: Do not need a non -high -definition brand

Interesting underwear design does not have to be European, American, high -end brands, and the quality and design of domestic brands are equally excellent.In fact, some domestic brands of sexy underwear are often more suitable for Asian figure and cultural background.As long as the body shape is appropriate and suitable for the body, there is no necessarily choice.

Conclusion: a brief overview of the principles of sexy underwear design

The design of sexy underwear needs to be diversified, applicable, high -quality, and do not necessarily require the European and American style to createIt is perfectly designed in aesthetic, health and function.Only in this way can fun underwear achieve real internal and external repairs.

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