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What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy and charming underwear, which is usually worn during sex.Interesting underwear is unique and diverse. The commonly used materials include lace, mesh, etc., which are usually a more abundant visual experience than ordinary underwear.

What categories can I release sex underwear?

Sex underwear can usually be published in three categories: adult products, women’s clothing and underwear.

How to choose a category?

For most merchants selling sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose to publish it in adult products or underwear categories.Adult products require special qualifications, but the sales of adult products are usually larger, while underwear categories are more conventional and sales are more stable.If you sell other adults at the same time, you can also choose to publish sex underwear to adult products category.

How to take sexy underwear photos?

The shooting of sexy underwear should pay attention to protecting privacy and try not to show their appearance or special body parts.When shooting, you can choose to use human models or hazy fuzzy treatment to increase the appeal of the product.In addition, because the styles and styles of sexy underwear are more diverse, you need to pay attention to the shooting angle and light to fully display the characteristics of the product.

What are the packaging and accessories of sexy underwear?

The packaging and accessories of sexy underwear vary depending on the brand and style. They are usually equipped with sexy packaging boxes, tags, washing labels, etc. Some styles will also be accompanied by fans, handcuffs, earrings and other accessories.Merchants need to pay attention to the quality and hygiene problems of packaging and accessories to ensure that the goods reach the expectations of consumers.

How to choose the size of sexy underwear?

The selection of sexy underwear size needs to be dependent on the specific situation. It is generally recommended to choose a fitting size.When publishing products, it is recommended to clearly mark the size in the product detail page and give consumers sufficient size selection.

How to do the after -sales service of sexy underwear?

The after -sales service of sexy underwear should be the same as other clothing, including returns and exchanges, warranty and other services.Because sexy underwear is a private product, merchants need to pay attention to the privacy protection of after -sales service to ensure the privacy and rights of consumers.

How to ensure the quality of sexy underwear?

The quality and safety of sexy underwear are very important. Merchants need to ensure the safety and hygiene of the product materials.When buying sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a regular large merchant or brand to avoid buying counterfeit products.

What is the potential of sexy underwear market?

As the society is getting more and more open and free, the potential of the sexy underwear market is increasing.According to data, the size of the domestic sex underwear market in 2019 has reached billions of yuan, and the trend of growing year by year is also very significant.Therefore, the sexy underwear market is still an industry with huge potential and prospects for development.

in conclusion

Interest underwear has unique sexy charm and market potential. At the same time, it also requires merchants to protect consumers’ privacy and rights, providing reasonable after -sales services and ensuring the quality of goods.For merchants, choosing the appropriate release category and shooting methods, carefully packing and design accessories, and providing clear size selection and product description are the key to improving sales and increasing profits.With the more acceptance and recognition of sexual freedom in the future, the development prospects of the sex underwear market will inevitably be wider.

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