What kind of sexy underwear choose small breasts

1 Introduction

For small breasts, it is particularly important to choose the right sexy underwear.Not only can it help yourself to better show the beauty of curve, but also increase self -confidence and enhance charm.However, how to choose the right one in the face of various styles of sexy underwear?Let’s discuss it together.

2. Selection of small cups

For smaller cups, you can choose sexy underwear with chest -supported effects, and use the combination of chest pads, chest pads and cup layers to make the chest more upright.In addition, choosing sexy underwear with compressed effects can also make the double breasts show a natural curve.

3. Design of no steel ring

For women with small chests, choosing a design erotic underwear with a steel ring can effectively avoid the pressure caused by the steel rim to the chest. At the same time, it can also make the cup more soft and comfortable, so that the chest can easily breathe freely.

4. Switching sexy underwear

For women with small breasts, you can consider choosing stitching underwear. By using different texture of texture underwear to highlight the feeling of chest lines, the chest looks more sexy.In addition, choosing complex material stitching can also create more diverse styles.

5. Triangular sexy underwear

For women with smaller bust, there is no need to choose a cup with a thick hook buckle, but to choose a small fabric. The sexy underwear design of the triangular cup can better highlight their delicate and sexy.In addition, processing methods such as lace lace and printing can also create different styles.

6. Pre -opening design

For women with small breasts, choosing front -opening design sexy underwear can not only facilitate undressing themselves, but also increase their visual effect.The use of more lace or printing methods can also better shape their sexy.

7. Sports sexy underwear

If you need to perform some intense exercise, you can choose a better -protective sports sexy underwear, such as the bra on running sports.Choosing sexy underwear with good support and compressive lingerie can better conceal the chest and avoid glowing.

8. Partial design of the shoulder strap

For women with small breasts, you can choose a delicate shoulder strap design, which can make the entire sexy underwear more beautiful and increase your cute character.The details on the shoulder strap can also show their own personality better, and their color and shape can choose the style that suits them.

9. Details

Choosing sexy underwear with detail processing can make the chest look more plump and elastic.For example, the design of lace, printing, jumping color and other design can create a stylish and natural sense of fluency and increase the mystery and charm of women.

10. Combination of complete set

When choosing a sexy underwear, if a complete set is used, it is also very good for the endocrine effect of the overall clothing.If you choose the underwear corresponding to the color and style of the bra, not only can the overall more harmonious, but also reflect your taste and matching skills, thereby improving your fashion index.

in conclusion

For small breasts, choosing the right sexy underwear can effectively improve the overall clothing effect.In the selection process, you can objectively evaluate the skin color, body proportions, personality, personality and other factors, and then try to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your own style, thereby enhancing your charm and showing your good figure.

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