What posture of sexy underwear

What posture of sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that makes women more confident and sexy. Different types of sexy underwear have different applications in the sexual posture of the living room.Next we will introduce the best way to wear different types of sexy underwear in different situations.

Chapter 1: "Lingerie Bra": brace

The primary purpose of wearing sexy underwear is to enhance the sexy charm of women and be comfortable.The bras are one of the most common sexy underwear.Its role is to provide women with a combination of underwear and bottom pants, and highlight the body curve of women, so that women can freely choose various sexual postures and methods when wearing bras.

Chapter II: "Garter Belt": suspender skirt

The suspender skirt is a short skirt with a strap, which is used to match socks.The characteristic of suspenders is that women wear more sexy and elegant wearing, and make women more confident and comfortable, because it can fix the position of the socks and closely attach the body curve of women.

Chapter III: "BABYDOLL DRESS": Eye mask tulle skirt

Babydoll Dress is a loose, soft fabric short skirt.It is especially suitable for night sleep and sex games.Its typical way of dressing is to be equipped with dead trucks, high heels, or not wearing bottom pants, making women easier and free in sexual activities at night.

Chapter 4: "Chemise": Tibbing long skirt

Chemise is a long skirt with its shoulder strap like a suspender.Because it is unique, it is often used as night pajamas or game devices to stimulate the sex life of husband and wife.When wearing Chemise, it is recommended that women choose some explosive postures to fully show the advantages of Chemise.

Chapter 5: "Bodysuit": Conjusational Tights

Bodysuit is a close -fitting tights that are usually used for models, performers and other performance activities.Its way to wear can increase sexy and charm to independent women, and can also provide some basic protection.

Chapter 6: "Bustier": Tight -fitting shirt

What is very similar to the underwear is Bustier. The difference between it and underwear is that it has a wider coverage, more like a tight -fitting top.BUSTIER is also a sexy underwear that can be worn on different occasions. It is recommended to match a loose skirt or shorts in a loose hem.

Chapter 7: "Teddies": Type pajama

Teddies is a very sexy and tempting pajamas that make women more attractive and attractive.When wearing Teddies, it is recommended to choose some particularly sensitive sexual postures to specific parts to fully show women’s sexual charm.

Chapter 8: "Corset": Tight -fitting waist vest

Corset is essentially a tight waist vest. Its function is to fix the chest and waist, while highlighting women’s body curve and specific sexy visual effects.When wearing Corset, it is recommended to cooperate with suitable skirts or pants to fully show women’s beautiful lines and sexy atmosphere.

In short, every sexy underwear has its own characteristics and way of dressing.For a specific underwear, you need to choose the most suitable way of dressing depending on the actual situation, so as to fully show the sexy charm and confidence charm of women.

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