What should I pay attention to in sex underwear and outside

What is sexy underwear and outside?

Sexual underwear is taking photos and videos of sexy underwear in the external environment.This shooting method is often used in business publicity and personal hobbies.

Choose the right scene

The focus of sexy underwear is the sexy and charm of the clothes.When selecting the background, you should consider the characteristics of the scene and the color of color on sexy underwear.For example, the dynamic music bar can emphasize the sexy and dynamic characteristics of the underwear.

The importance of accessories

Interests of underwear need to be embellished with accessories, such as high heels, stockings and gloves.Accessories can not only emphasize the matching of underwear, but also add more emotional elements to the image.

Choose suitable photography equipment and light

In order to shoot beautiful sexy underwear photos and videos, it is very important to choose high -quality photography equipment and high -quality light.Because only good equipment and light can make photos and videos more delicate and vivid.

Reasonable angle and shooting method

The special nature of sexy underwear requires a reasonable perspective and shooting method.The height and angle of shooting equipment will have a greater impact on the final finished products, so photographers need to make reasonable choices based on the actual situation.

Pay attention to the rhythm and speed of shooting

Interesting underwear outside needs to pay attention to the rhythm and speed of shooting, because the speed of shooting has a lot to do with the effect of shooting.Photographers should stabilize their speed during shooting and shoot at a constant speed, so as to shoot better photos and videos.

Consider the expression and image of shooting models

In sexy underwear, shooting models play a very important role.The expression and image of the model can directly determine the quality and effect of photos and videos.Therefore, models must have expression and good image consciousness when shooting.

Photographers need to create a good shooting environment

In sexy underwear, photographers need to create a good shooting environment to ensure that the model feels relaxed and comfortable when shooting.This environment can make the model’s performance more natural, thereby shooting more vital photos and videos.

Pay attention to privacy issues

When shooting outside the sex underwear, photographers should pay attention to privacy issues.Especially when shooting in public, it is necessary to respect the privacy rights of others while protecting the privacy and personal safety of the model.


Although there are many precautions for sex underwear and outer clothes, as long as the above principles are followed, they work hard on the selection of scenes, accessories, equipment, light, angle, and shooting methods. Pay attention to the interpretation and performance of the model. The photographer creates a good environment.Can shoot better photos and videos.

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