What to do with sexy underwear milk stickers

What is sexy underwear milk sticker

Interest underwear milk stickers are a clothing sticking on the breast, which is usually used to enhance the aesthetics of the chest lines.They can be used in some occasions that do not need to wear underwear, such as swimming pools or beaches.

How to correctly use sexy underwear milk stickers

Pay attention to the following points when using sexy underwear milk stickers:

1. Before use, keep the breasts clean and dry to ensure that the condom can stick to the skin firmly.

2. Do not apply liquid, frost, and oily products on the skin, because this will affect the adhesion of the condom.

3. Before wearing the clothes, fix the milk sticker in the correct position, and then apply the breasts to push the breasts to the center to achieve better results.

Types of sexy underwear milk stickers

The types of sexy underwear milk are generally divided into two types, namely single -sided paste and double -sided paste.The single -sided paste milk sticker is fixed on the breast, and the double -sided paste milk sticker can be fixed on the clothing as needed.

The advantages and disadvantages of single -sided sticker sexy underwear milk stickers

Single -sided paste milk stickers are suitable for use in the occasion that it takes a plump effect in a short period of time, such as dinner or party.It’s relatively cheap and easy to use.However, the use time is short and it is not suitable for occasions that need to be worn for a long time.

The advantages and disadvantages of double -sided sticker sexy underwear milk stickers

Double -sided paste milk stickers are suitable for long -term occasions, and they are more suitable for use in physical exercise and entertainment venues.It is more durable and does not cause skin allergies.However, compared with single -sided paste milk stickers, it is more inconvenient to use and cost higher.

The key features of sexy underwear milk stickers

The key feature of sexy underwear milk stickers is:

1. Comfort: The milk sticker should be perfectly fitted with the body, and it is comfortable to achieve the effect of no feeling.

2. Breath: Milk stickers must have good breathability to ensure that the breasts will not cause excessive heat and excessive humidity.

3. Reliability: The milk sticker should have good adhesion to ensure that it will not fall off or slide during use.

How to clean sexy underwear milk stickers

The sexy underwear milk sticker should be washed after each use.Tear the milk carefully from the skin, wash it with warm water, and dry it.


1. Do not apply any liquid or frosting items when using a sexy underwear milk.

2. When using erotic underwear milk stickers in entertainment and sports activities, be careful of complex environments such as grass and beaches to avoid external force tearing milk stickers.

3. During pregnancy or breastfeeding, you should avoid using sexy underwear milk stickers to avoid unnecessary compression of the breast.

in conclusion

Interest underwear milk stickers are a kind of mysterious clothing. The method of use is simpler, but it is necessary to pay attention to related matters.The correct use of sexy underwear milk stickers can allow women to show different charm in different environments.

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