What to say what the owner of the sex lingerie shop says

What to say what the owner of the sex lingerie shop says

The rise of the sexy underwear industry has brought more choices to people, and also allows more people to pay attention to their own charm.As a sexy underwear owner, I discovered that many people did not know much about sexy underwear, or there were some misunderstandings.Here, I want to share some sharing with you for several common problems in sexy underwear shops.

Sexy is not equal to bone

"Interesting underwear" is often regarded as some high -fleshy clothing.However, the sexy underwear of our shop focuses more on sexy elements, not a low -level fun display.A sexy erotic underwear can express the body’s curve beauty, skin texture, temptation, etc. through various elements such as tailoring, material, and color.

Sexy underwear not only serves male

In traditional ideas, women are the main consumers of sexy underwear, and men are just "admirables."But in fact, many men also buy sexy underwear and want to use it to bring more surprises and enjoyment to their other half.In the process of people’s communication, I also encountered many male customers, and they were also very concerned about the choice of size and style.

Quality and material are important

Interesting underwear is a very private clothing, which requires relatively high requirements for materials, workmanship, fabrics, etc.Generally speaking, soft, breathable and comfortable materials, and fabrics that are not easy to fade or fade are the best choice for sexy underwear.

Falling renovation, my heart is important

There are many tricks of sexy underwear. From classic styles to passion sets, from daily models to sex clothing, there are different choices.But the most important thing is that buying sexy underwear must pay attention to intimate relationships, pursue each other’s feelings and interests, rather than simply pursue a variety of types and complete styles.

Clever matching is the key

Although sexy underwear has its own characteristics and style, like other clothing, it also needs to be clever.In terms of matching, the combination of colors, styles, and practical elements is very important. After some matching, it can be rationally selected. It is one of the essential conditions for buying sexy underwear.

Consider comfort

Falling underwear is actually a kind of daily underwear. An important standard is comfort.In the process of selection, pay attention to the size and texture of the size, and try to choose good underwear with adjustment functions, which can effectively improve the shape and lines, and make the figure look more curvy.

Need a certain matching skills

Many people will be confused in the matching of sexy underwear. How can matching make the best effect?This needs to be determined based on factors such as their figure, preferences, and personality, but in general, choose the color and style that suits you, try to shape your own characteristics, and not blindly pursue the fashion trend.

Experience is very important

Interest underwear is also a product that pays attention to feel and experience.In the process of buying, try it on in person, and consider the comfort, activity range, ductility and other factors of your body, and at the same time, the tacit and intimacy with the other half can really realize that the sexy underwear should be available.Effect.

Important ways to show your charm

Falling underwear can not only deepen the emotions of both parties, but also an effective way to show its charm.Whether it is beautiful, body curve, and skin texture, it can be better presented under the package of sexy underwear.Therefore, in the choice and purchase of erotic underwear, we must show yourself in the best attitude in a self -confidence and charm.


In short, sexy underwear, as a special clothing product, not only shows people’s charm and sexy, but also condenses the feelings and tacit understanding of each other.In terms of choosing and buying, you need to pay attention to various factors such as brand, quality, material, comfort and color matching. At the same time, you must also choose a sexy underwear that suits you and the other half in a self -confidence, focus on sensory and experience.Realize the dual improvement of feelings and feelings.

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