Where is the sexy lingerie, where is the drying


The washing and drying of sexy underwear is a problem that many people are easy to ignore.If you don’t pay attention, it will cause the underwear to lose its original texture and sexy.This article will introduce how to clean and dry sex underwear.

Cleaning method

Interest underwear is generally more exquisite, so it is necessary to use a special method to clean it.

1. Hand washing

It is best to use hand washing in sex underwear.Gently rub it after adding water with detergent, do not excessively force.It can be soaked in cold water for 15-20 minutes, and then rinsed with water.

2. Washing machine

If you have to use a laundry machine to clean the sexy underwear, you must use a special laundry bag.At the same time, choose a gentle mode to avoid using overheated water temperature.


The way of drying underwear is also critical, let’s talk about how to dry the sexy underwear.

Do not use the dryer

Do not use a dryer to dry up with sexy underwear.Even low -temperature drying may cause sexy underwear to lose its original elasticity and shape.


Sex underwear should choose a good ventilated and dry place for natural drying to avoid direct sunlight.


The underworld is a good helper to dry the sexy underwear.Choose a underwear that is suitable for sexy underwear, which allows the sexy underwear to hang on it naturally and dry it quickly. At the same time, it can avoid heavy pressure on sexy underwear.

Don’t dry in the bathroom

Many people like to dry underwear in the bathroom. This is a bad choice.The bathroom is high and the air circulation is poor, which can easily cause bacterial breeding.This can easily affect the quality of sexy underwear and even make sexy underwear moldy.

Dry time

The drying time of sexy underwear is also critical.If the drying time is too long, it will cause odor and bacteria in the sexy underwear, which will affect the quality.Therefore, sexy underwear should be dried as fast as possible.

Avoid exposure to the sun

Do not dry in the sun in sex underwear.The ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the sexy underwear deformed and degenerate.If you really need to dry, you can choose to avoid direct sunlight at night or shade net.

Do not twist

Interest underwear cannot be wrapped.Worting will make the sexy underwear deformed, and it is easy to make the cloth from getting the ball, affecting the beauty of the underwear.


The above is the relevant knowledge about the cleaning and drying of sexy underwear.In order to make sexy underwear longer, we should choose proper cleaning and drying methods.Only by paying attention to these details can the sexy underwear always maintain their sexy and texture.

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