Which category of e -commerce sexy underwear belongs


With the rapid development of the Internet and the changes in people’s lifestyle, e -commerce erotic underwear markets are becoming more and more popular.However, most e -commerce platforms are not consistent with the classification of sexy underwear, making it difficult for many consumers to find the sexy underwear products they need on the Internet.So, which category of e -commerce erotic underwear belongs to?

Definition of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a sexy, seductive, and implied sexual product through special design and materials.It is different from traditional underwear, usually includes stockings, straps, lace, decoration, split, metal products, etc., which can be used for sexual games and sexual communication.

The ownership of sex underwear under traditional underwear category

Traditional underwear is mainly divided into categories such as bras, underwear, body -shaping, suspenders, pajamas, home clothes and socks.Interesting underwear is different from these products. It is similar to its functions. It is more about the expression of sexual language and performance, so it is not suitable for mixing with traditional underwear.

The ownership of sex underwear under the category of adult supplies

Adults can be divided into two categories: equipment for hygiene and health care (such as condoms, sex products, lubricants, etc.), and products for emotional, sexual communication and expression (such as sex underwear, sex panties, etc.)EssenceTherefore, sexy underwear can be attributed to sexual communication and expression of sexual communication and expression under the category of adult supplies.

The belonging of sex underwear under the H market category

The H market refers to the market with the theme of adult pornography.Interest underwear is widely used in this market, but the issue of belonging is not clear.Therefore, some platforms will attribute sexy underwear to the H market category, and some platforms believe that sexy underwear is more in line with the purpose of communicating and expressing the purpose of adult products.

The importance of product classification

Commodity classification is essential for the operation of the e -commerce platform.If the product classification is inaccurate, it will not only cause trouble to consumers, but also affect the user experience of the e -commerce platform, leading to long -term operating losses.Therefore, the correct classification of sexy underwear is one of the important tasks of the e -commerce platform.

E -commerce platform sex underwear classification respectively

Taobao, JD.com, Amazon and other e -commerce platforms have different classification of sexy underwear.Taobao attributed sexy underwear to adult supplies categories, while JD.com and Amazon attributed sexy underwear to underwear categories.This also leads to consumers who need to search for different categories when buying sexy underwear.

Consumers facing problems

Due to the different classifications of e -commerce platforms for sexy underwear, it is difficult for many consumers to find the corresponding product when buying sexy underwear.For example, searching for sexy underwear on Taobao will return a large number of adult products sellers, and search for sex underwear on JD will return some traditional underwear brand sales merchants.

Suggestal classification

In order to solve the problems facing consumers, the e -commerce platform should unify the classification of sexy underwear and establish an independent sexy lingerie category, so that consumers can more conveniently find the sexy underwear products they need.At the same time, e -commerce platforms should also formulate more clear specifications and standards to prevent sellers from mistakenly divide sexy underwear and cause trouble for consumers.


Interest underwear is a underwear with special attributes and meaning, which needs to be classified under the correct category.Establishing an independent sexy underwear category can make consumers more conveniently find the need for products, and at the same time cultivate a good sexy underwear market.Therefore, the e -commerce platform should belong to the independent sexy underwear category and formulate a clearer specification and standard.

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