White shirts are compared with sexy underwear

White shirts are compared with sexy underwear

Both white shirts and sexy lingerie are important basic items to create different styles.White shirts play an important role in professional and formal occasions.And sexy underwear is used to enhance sexual attractiveness, enhance sexual experience and irritation.Although the two are completely incompetent, we can find out the difference between the two.

material type

White shirts are usually made of cotton and mixed cotton.Pure cotton absorbs sweat, soft and breathable.This fabric is more suitable for daily wear.Mixed cotton materials are mixed with cotton and artificial fibers. They are softer and more washed than pure cotton materials, and less wrinkled than cotton materials.Interest underwear is usually made of cellulose, amino acid fiber (phenol fiber), and marine.These materials have elements such as telescopicness, softness, comfort and lace lace.These materials add unique texture and high -tech response to stimulate and strengthen experience.

Color and style

White shirts are an important part of almost all professional and formal styles.Their colors and styles are very simple.Except for the lace and lines on the cuffs, they usually have no other decoration.Sex underwear pays great attention to details and decorations.They have a variety of colors and styles. From black, red to concubine purple, sexy underwear has various color matching.For example, open lace panties, sorrowful literary chest with black bow, perspective net socks, etc. are very common in sexy underwear.


White shirts are applied to almost all occasions, and it is very suitable for wearing in the office to participate in formal occasions (such as weddings and funerals).Sex underwear is not suitable for all occasions.They are usually used to enhance sexual experience, or simply stimulate emotions in the process of sex.Sex underwear is usually associated with at night or romantic occasions, such as private parties and wedding nights.


White shirts are usually more comfortable than sexy underwear.They are made of soft fabrics, with good breathability and will not cause unnecessary disputes.Although the quality of sex underwear is good, it is often tight to show the body curve, which may affect the comfort of the wearer.

Positioning market

The price of white shirts is relatively low, suitable for people with tight budget but elegant.The price of sexy underwear is relatively high, positioning in the market of accessories, collectibles and rare cultural relics, and pays great attention to the details and quality in the production process.

Auxiliary matching

White shirt is an important part of creating an overall dress.It can show different fashion styles by matching tie, jackets, suit pants and leather shoes.Sex underwear can enhance the sexy coefficient by matching style socks, high heels, lace toys and other sex props.


The sustainability of white shirts is high. Due to the continuous market demand, most brands are currently focused on using environmental materials and processes to make shirts.The sustainability of sexy underwear needs to be improved, but some brands have also begun to focus on using environmental materials and processes to make underwear.


White shirts are suitable for various activities, such as business meetings at 9 am, party gatherings in the afternoon, and dating in the evening.Sex underwear is usually only suitable for sex or wearing in some private occasions.

in conclusion

Both white shirts and erotic underwear have their own styles and uses, and should not be confused.They are all important elements in the wardrobe, which can be used to create many different fashion styles.

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