Why can’t some sexy lingerie find

Why can’t some sexy lingerie be found?

In the sexy underwear market, some styles are difficult to find, and often some niche lingerie brands need to be found.So why can’t some sexy lingerie be found?This article will explain this problem from several aspects.

material selection

The coverage of sexy underwear is not as high as ordinary underwear, so it has high requirements in the choice of materials.For example, the imitation leather underwear with poor quality is prone to odor and stimulates the skin, which is one of the reasons why some erotic underwear is difficult to find.

design style

Different brands will have different design styles. In order to meet the needs of consumers, some niche brands will design some special styles, but because consumer demand is small, some special design style of sexy underwear will not be inThe market is widely promoted, which is difficult to find.

Size adaptation

Everyone’s body shape and size are different. Large brands will provide different sizes to meet the needs of the market, while niche brands may limit the number of size.Therefore, the sexy underwear of some niche brands often cannot meet the needs of everyone.

Price positioning

Compared to traditional underwear, the price of sexy underwear is usually higher, which is one of the reasons why there are relatively high price of sexy underwear.Therefore, these high -priced erotic underwear often only be purchased by consumers who are willing and can bear these high -priced consumers, resulting in less sales in the market.

Sales channels

Large brands often have relatively broad sales channels, including physical stores and online malls, and some niche brands often have only small -scale sales channels.This is one of the reasons why some fun underwear is difficult to find.

Market demand

Market demand determines the sales of a product.If the market demand is small, the manufacturers who produce the product will also reduce production accordingly.Therefore, due to the small market demand, some small sexy underwear may only produce a batch and no longer produce.

Possible factor

Some erotic underwear may be difficult to find due to other factors, such as limited sale, brand business strategy, marketing strategy, etc.These factors are different and are difficult to classify.

in conclusion

The above is the analysis of why I can’t find the erotic lingerie.Because the sexy underwear itself is quite hidden, proper sales channels are also important; in addition, market demand is also one of the constraints.As long as the market demand is greater, the more urgent production needs, the transformation of related products is expected to increase rapidly.

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