Why do male tickets want to buy sexy underwear


In today’s society, more and more couples or partners choose to add sexy underwear to their sexual life.As women wearers, they hope to increase their mystery and beauty, and at the same time to stir up their partner’s interest.However, when your boyfriend or husband proposes to assist in selecting sexy underwear, you may have some questions in your heart, which is very normal.This article will answer the reason why her boyfriend wants to buy fun underwear.

Men are born with visual animals

Men pay more attention to visual stimulation than women, which is determined by men’s nature.They like to watch beautiful scenery and physical temptation, so when you wear sexy sexy underwear, your boyfriend feels a strong visual hit.

Stimulate men’s imagination

Men are more likely to be woken up by visual stimulation than women, especially in the field of bed.When you put on sexy underwear, men can get restricted visual effects and imagine the role or scene you will play, which can increase your sexual desire and visual stimulus.

Closer relationship

When you take the initiative to show your boyfriend’s beauty and sexy, he will feel that you have a closer relationship between you, not just the intimate contact with your body.Putting in sex underwear also makes the communication between you deeper and intimate.

Enhanced experience

Sex underwear is designed to increase sexual pleasure.These special underwear can increase stimulus and sensory experience, allowing both parties to explore new areas of love.

Meet the needs of men

Men often need to have different types of sexy underwear, which may be because they like diverse or want to explore new fields such as beaches, adult products and role -playing.When you meet their needs, you also have a positive impact on the sexual relationship between the two parties.

increase self-confidence

When you wear a beautiful sexy underwear, you will feel that you become more confident and more sexy.This will make you more relaxed and comfortable in bed, and eventually produce a positive sexual experience.

Strengthen sexual heat

Adding sexy underwear to your sex life will make your relationship more heat and passion.This will stimulate the interaction between you and deepen your feelings.

Performance and care

When you take the initiative to buy sexy underwear, this will show your love and care for your boyfriend or husband, and it is also a way to deepen the communication and interaction between you.This makes your partner feel that you are special and receive unique love and attention.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear can deepen the sexual relationship between you and strengthen your emotional interaction.When you start to wear sexy underwear, you may feel a little uneasy, but you will soon find that it can bring a pleasant feeling and unusual sex experience to your body and mind.Don’t be afraid to choose different styles, colors and materials, everyone’s taste and preferences are different.As long as you communicate and practice with your partner frankly and try different sex forms, you will find your sexual happiness.

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