Why do you want to wear a messy underwear for men

Introduction: The popularity of sexy underwear

With the progress of society, people’s attitudes towards sex are gradually open, and the popularity of sexy underwear is becoming more and more common.In addition to providing sexy and charming for women, men’s wearing sexy underwear has also become a fashion.This article will explore why men wear sexy lingerie.

Improve self -confidence

Among men wearing sex underwear, many people think that wearing sexy underwear can improve their self -confidence and charm, making them more confident and sensitive in sex.Interest underwear can close the body and shape the perfect body curve, so it can make men feel more confident and make them better in sex.

Adjust the mood to relieve stress

Putting on sex underwear can not only regulate the state of the body, but also regulate mood and relieve stress.By wrapping your body tightly, sexy underwear can stimulate the nerves in the body, making people feel more relaxed and comfortable.In addition, wearing sexy underwear also gives people a sense of freshness and challenge, which can relieve men’s pressure and fatigue.

Show off and express yourself

Among the men wearing sex underwear, some people also want to show their sexy and confidence through sex underwear.Some men think that wearing sexy underwear can highlight their sexy charm, and can also show their personal style and taste, thereby attracting more opposite attention.

Experience different feelings

For some men, wearing erotic underwear is also to experience fresh feelings and sexual stimuli.They hope to create different erotic gameplay by wearing sexy underwear, so as to make sex more sublimation and wonderful.Wearing a sexy underwear can also stimulate men’s curiosity and enthusiasm for sex, love, and body, so as to better understand and understand themselves.

Satisfy strange desire

There are also some men who wear sexy underwear to satisfy their strange desires and sexuality.They hope to achieve sexual satisfaction by wearing fun underwear, so that their sexual desire will be more fully vented and satisfied.For this part of men, wearing erotic underwear is also a kind of pleasure that can bring sexual pleasure.

As a role -playing prop

In addition to directly wearing, sexy underwear is also an item that can act as a role -playing prop.In the sex game, men can play different roles and identities through wearing sexy lingerie.For example, playing the role of superhero, office boss, or wild animals.Interest underwear can not only increase the fun of sex, but also allow men to better integrate into the role and get psychological satisfaction.

Improve the intimacy between husband and wife

Wearing a sexy underwear can also help couples to better create intimate relationships.The process of putting on sex underwear is a process of approaching and breaking. It can not only bring freshness and stimulation, but also enhance the emotional interaction and communication between the spouse.The existence of sexy underwear can make couples better intimate and harmonious.

Subverse of gender characters

Wearing a sexy underwear can also break the traditional gender character, allowing men to show more delicate and feminine side.Interest underwear not only makes men look more sexy, but also makes men more gentle, detailed and caring for people around them.This disruptive behavior allows men to better break the traditional gender stereotype and show different charm and style.


In general, there are many reasons for men to wear sexy underwear, and the psychological and material needs of each man are also different.Whether it is to improve self -confidence, experience different feelings, satisfy sexuality, or to break the gender role and enhance the interaction of husband and wife, it is a fresh, exciting and interesting attempt.For modern people, wearing sexy underwear is not only a fashion, but also a normal sexual lifestyle, which helps us to better understand the body and understand ourselves.

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