Wife novel of sexy underwear

Wife novel of sexy underwear

1. Wife’s secret

His wife and I have been married for many years. They have always felt that she was a very conservative person. Except for me, she had no contact with men.But one day, when I saw her washing clothes, I found a brand new sexy underwear, which was extremely surprised.This caused my curiosity, and I started looking for her secrets.

2. The attractiveness of sexy underwear

I started to gradually solve the charm of affectionate underwear.Fun underwear can make women more sexy and attractive. They not only decorate the body, but also stimulate emotion and sexual desire.I started to understand why she bought such underwear.

3. Become an underwear expert

I decided to become a sexy underwear expert and start studying various types of sexy underwear.I discovered that rabbit girl clothes, sexy lingerie sets, sexy bra, lace panties, slings, stockings, leather pants and other types of sexy underwear, which makes me feel that some underwear is very suitable for my wife.

4. Carefully choose underwear

I decided to choose some suitable sexy underwear according to my wife’s figure and preferences.I found that my wife likes some sexy, weak, and sexy literary style, so I entered the store and spent a lot of time looking for the most suitable sexy underwear for her.

5. It seems to return to the early days of love

When I gave my wife a good sexy underwear, she was very happy and tried to make it feel very sexy.We seem to be back in the early days of mutual attraction, which made me feel very happy.

6. Sex underwear adds fun to marriage

In our lives, sexy underwear has added more fun to our marriage.Our marriage has become more interesting, passionate and exciting, which makes us closer and intimate.

7. Thank you for making me better understand my wife

I feel very enthusiastic, because it allows me to better understand my wife.From the choice of underwear to the choice, the inner and thoughts of the woman I feel, which makes our relationship closer.

8. Sexy underwear brings us more fun

Interest underwear not only brings more self -confidence and sexy to his wife, but also brings us more fun.We found some new ways to inspire our emotional life, and we became more intimate and pleasant.

9. We have become fans of sexy underwear

Now, we have become fans of sexy underwear.We like the excitement and fun they bring, which makes our marriage more interesting and fulfilling.

10. End language

In short, sexy underwear is a very suitable way for couples and partners, which can increase the fun and attractiveness of life.I hope that more couples and partners can try sexy underwear, which will make you closer and intimate.

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