Wife’s sexy underwear knows


One night, when my wife and I browsed sexy underwear online, she suddenly asked me, "What kind of sexy underwear do you like me?"

The sexy of light cooked wind

My wife was tall, so I recommended some sexy underwear made of lace and mesh material.This kind of sexy underwear is light and refreshing, strong, exquisite and elegant, and is very sexy, charming, and some delicate sexy charm.Such sexy underwear is suitable for mature and attractive women such as light mature women and mature women.

sweet and cute

If your wife has a lively and cute personality, the sweet sexy underwear may be more suitable for her.This kind of sexy underwear is relatively loose, simple in design, and most of the colors such as white and pink.Usually suitable for young women below B cup, they can make their wives look more cute and cute.


For a stimulating and bold wife, you can choose to have stimulating sexy underwear, such as low -cut, hollow, lace bellyband and other styles.When the wife is wearing such sex underwear, it may have a sense of pleasure, excitement and tightness. Many of the elements will make you and your wife more pleasant in sex and increase irritation and sexual interest.

Measuring size

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is especially important to choose underwear suitable for his wife’s body.It is recommended to measure size to ensure that the comfort and dressing effect of sexy underwear are good.

Material texture

The comfort and service life of sex underwear are related to the materials and texture used.Good erotic underwear is cleverly designed and uses high -quality materials with soft comfort, good ductility and breathability.The sexy underwear of high -quality materials looks more advanced.

Color matching

The choice of imagination for underwear color is a good way.However, the color of sexy underwear should conform to the wife’s personal style and temperament, and it is not advisable to use too fancy color matching.

Brand selection

Brand is a very important thing for sexy underwear.In most cases, the brand represents quality, style, design and style.When choosing a sexy underwear brand, please choose the brands with good reputation and recycling effect.

The importance of details

Whether it is the details of the underwear or the details of the underwear, these details cannot be ignored.When buying sexy underwear, please pay attention to details.Because details are important factor testing a brand quality.

in conclusion

Interest underwear must be comfortable, ventilated, and durable, and the design conforms to the female body curve.Choosing underwear suitable for your body and style is really sexy.The most important thing is to relax and choose and choose happily.

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