Women buying a fun underwear mentality

Women buying a fun underwear mentality

Paragraph 1: Stimulate sexy

The reason why people who buy sex underwear can generally be divided into two mentality. The first is to stimulate their sexy. In fact, this is a normal demand.With beautiful erotic underwear, women will feel more confident in psychology, which is very important in the relationship between men and women.

Paragraph 2: Try freshness

Another mentality of buying sexy underwear is to find freshness.Whether men or women, they will feel monotonous in years of marriage. At this time, they need to be adjusted through some fresh ways, including buying different types of sexy underwear.

Paragraph 3: Pursue a sense of excitement

When choosing sexy underwear, some people pursue the sense of stimulation.This kind of person dares to try new things, hoping to achieve some stimulus effect through sexy underwear, such as SM and so on.

Paragraph 4: Exploring Tuye

In fact, the most important mentality when buying sexy underwear is to explore emotion.This is the main reason for women to buy sexy underwear. They hope to feel sexual pleasure, stimulus and teasing through different types of sexy underwear, which is very helpful to inspire eroticism.

Paragraph 5: Try different styles

When choosing a sexy underwear, there are more people choose more visually, especially for some of the fashionability of some underwear brands. They want to buy colorful sexy underwear, creative sexy underwear, etc. From here, we can see that it can be seen from here that it can be seen from here.Interest underwear has become a fashion to a large extent.

Duan 6: conceal physical defects

A little advantage derived on the basis of sexy underwear is that it can conceal some physical defects.For example, if you wear sexy underwear, some of the looming fat and small belly when you wear other clothes can be greatly modified, which has also become one of the reasons why many women buy sexy underwear.

Paragraph 7: Protect self -esteem

Sometimes when a woman encounters an unsatisfactory man and does not control it, it becomes cowardly, so they want to wear sexy underwear and will be a little more confident, and when men see them wearing sexy underwear, theyIt will become a bit restrained, which can make women more self -esteem.

Paragraph 8: I don’t want to be restrained

Although many women are independent now, they still want to be loved by men at some point.If men just want to let women work, haircuts, cooking, washing clothes, etc., women will become very wronged.And if you can express your beauty through sexy underwear, this will make women get more praise and love for men, so as to be more willing to play with men, and at the same time, men can avoid restricting their behavior. This is for women.a good thing.

Paragraph 9: "Forbidden foot" feminist movement

Of course, there are also some feminist movements who feel that sexy underwear are not suitable for them. They think women should not be seen as flesh by men, and they should pay more attention to internal value and their ability.We should also understand their views in depth. After all, women should have the right to choose their own. Whether buying sexy underwear or not buying sexy underwear, we should make a decision.

Paragraph 10: Comprehensive perspective analysis

Finally, we must realize that women buying sexy underwear is both a right and a free choice.We should look at this problem from all angles. If there is something to retain at a certain angle, we should understand the causes of the trigger and understand the pressure they are facing. This can analyze this from a more comprehensive perspective.question.

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