Women who buy sexy underwear are not serious

Why do women like to buy sexy underwear?

Traditionally, underwear is considered to be hidden under the clothes, but sexy underwear is often not used to conceal things.Women choose to buy sexy underwear to show their bodies and enhance sexy and self -confidence.Feeling sexy does not mean lack of real meaning.In modern society, women are confident in their bodies and sexy, which means that the demand for sexy underwear has continued to increase.

The difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear

Ordinary underwear is mainly to comfort and provide certain support and modify the figure, while sexy underwear focuses on sexy and shows the body curve.Sex underwear usually uses thinner, lighter, and more breathable materials to highlight the body and its curves.In addition, the style of sexy underwear is often bold and sexy, such as lace, perspective, hollow design, stockings, lace eye masks, etc.

Types of sex underwear

Sex underwear can be divided into many types according to different materials and design.Some underwear is designed to make people more want to know your body, and some underwear is designed to make people’s attention scattered in different parts.Some erotic underwear are designed for specific sexual ways, such as SM tools, restraint underwear, etc.No matter what type, sexy underwear is one of the necessary options for your sexy and self -confidence to increase your sexy and self -confidence.

Pay attention to the selection of materials

Sex underwear can be made of various materials, such as silk, cotton, lace, bamboo fiber, leather, etc.Although various materials can be used for sexy underwear, some human skin may have allergic reactions.Therefore, it is recommended to pay special attention to the texture and quality of the material when buying sexy underwear, and choose the mild, flexible and reliable materials as much as possible.

Tips for model selection

When choosing a sexy underwear, his body is a very important consideration.Choose a suitable sexy underwear to be carried out according to factors such as your height, body shape, and chest shape.For example, girls with smaller height should choose some sexy underwear with higher pants, which can better proportions.The big breast girl is best to choose some sexy underwear with steel beads, which can better support the chest.

Selection of size

Choosing the right size is an important step when choosing a sexy underwear. Different brands and sizes of different brands and different countries may not be the same. Therefore, it is recommended to measure your body size before purchasing, and refer to the size tables provided by the brand/merchantCome on.

How to correctly wear sexy underwear

It is very important to wear sexy underwear correctly. If you wear sexy underwear correctly, you may destroy the effect, or uncomfortable.When wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to adjust the loose band and the shoulder straps to avoid unsuitable wear and cause physical discomfort.When wearing, you should pay attention to maintaining your own self -confidence, so that your body can better embrace sexy underwear and show the best sexy effect.

Choose the right occasion

Interest underwear is to show women’s bodies, but not suitable for wearing on any occasion.Please select the need to wear, such as Valentine’s Day, Honeymoon Journey and other romantic occasions, which will make you and your partner feel more sexy atmosphere.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear makes women confident and sexy. It can not only meet people’s needs for beauty, but also make people intoxication in the beauty of the body and make our lives more colorful.Just like a girl dressed with lipstick and eye shadow, choosing the right sexy underwear can make you confident and enhance your sexy index.

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