Women’s model sexy underwear

Please note that the following fun underwear styles introduced below are only applicable to women.

1. Perspective sexy underwear

Permaneous and sexy underwear refers to the use of transparent, translucent and even transparent fabrics in the design of underwear. The main purpose is to reveal skin and body lines, so it is called "perspective model".

The choice of perspective and sexy underwear needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the individual.If you want to highlight your cleavage, you can choose a bra and underwear style; if you want to show your curve, you can even have a good choice for body underwear, suspender underwear, and lace panties.

2. Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is also known as lace lace sexy underwear. It is exquisitely designed, with sexy and romantic characteristics.Lace lace underwear is composed of exquisite lace lace, silk fabrics and high -end fabrics. It is comfortable and soft, which is very suitable for wearing on special occasions.

Lace lace underwear is high -quality, high -end and other characteristics, and is widely used in weddings, Valentine’s Day and other festive occasions.

3. Leather sexy underwear

Leather’s sexy underwear is usually made of leather, PU leather and other materials.They are suitable for women who like to upgrade their personality and unique style.In addition, the texture of leather materials is smooth and beautiful, showing women’s unique charm and sexy atmosphere.

However, leather sexy underwear is not suitable for wearing for a long time, because they often make people feel breathable, so it is best to wear it only on special occasions.

4. Student dressing sexy underwear

Students’ sexy underwear is a very popular sexy lingerie style.It is designed based on student uniforms, which is more fresh and cute and contains girlish feelings.The color of the students’ coloring underwear is mainly bright colors.In addition, it also has the characteristics of comfort, sexy, and charming.

5. Tongyan big breasts sexy underwear

Tongyan big breasts are inspired by the design inspiration of underwear. It is a underwear style with cute and sexy elements.Its design features that the bra uses cute elements such as lace and bow, which instantly creates a young and lovely image.

In addition, it also has a significant feature, that is, the support cup of the bra is made of thick material, making the chest look fuller.

6. Naked sleeping sexy underwear

Naked sleeping lingerie is just like its name, and its design is inspired by the state of naked sleep.Its main feature is a free, relaxed, and sexy atmosphere.Naked sleepy underwear is generally presented in a conjoined or nightdress. The fabrics used are mainly softened fabrics such as silk and chiffon.

7. Sling -style sexy underwear

The suspender sexy underwear is a very popular style, which is generally used for enthusiastic parties, sexy moments and other occasions.As a sexy and female underwear style, it often uses decorations such as lace lace, silk fabrics and sequins to increase the charm and sexy of women.

8. Directly hit the men’s soul’s fun underwear

This sexy lingerie style uses perspective fabrics, silk fabrics, leather fabrics, etc.In terms of styling design, they have many elements that ordinary underwear do not have, such as heart -shaped decoration, rabbit ears, lace fabrics, back design, etc. All these elements are directly aimed at men’s inner needs and desires.

9. Wedding dress sexy underwear

Wedding sexy underwear is made of fabrics or special materials such as beads, silk, lotus leaf edges. Its design is similar to ordinary wedding dresses, but the fabrics, tailoring and design of the underwear are more passionate and sexy.Wedding sexy underwear is also often used for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, wedding and other important days.

10. Suggestions

If you want to wear sexy underwear, it is best to choose the style and size that suits you.The correct choice can show your personality and charm, but the wrong choice may bring discomfort or even pain.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the cleaning of sexy underwear.Like ordinary underwear, sexy underwear also needs to be washed and maintained regularly, and should not be stirred and dry at will.


Interest underwear is a very popular costume, but you need to be cautious when choosing and dressing.I hope this article will help you.

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