Women’s upper sexy underwear

Women’s upper sexy underwear

Women’s superiority is a challenging sex posture that requires women to control the rhythm with their own strength to obtain richer sexual pleasure.Choosing the right sexy underwear can improve the experience effect of the entire process.This article introduces the choice and related knowledge of women’s top sexy underwear.

1. Tight -fitting sexy underwear

Tight -fitting sexy underwear can better reflect the body curve when the female is upper, and at the same time, it can also strengthen the transmission of strength, so that you can better control the man’s rhythm.You can choose tight underwear suitable for your body, such as sexy hollow styles, vibrant cartoon patterns, etc.

2. Interesting underwear with enhanced functions

When the female is upper, you need more physical coordination and physical control, irritating sexy belt, making the whole process more pleasant.Some sexy underwear with enhanced functions can make women easier to reach orgasm, such as strengthening hormonal secretion and improving sensitivity.

3. Elastic stockings cooperation

Women’s upward posture usually requires women to sit on the man firmly, so stretch sock pants are a very important choice.Plastructure sock pants help to fix the position of the legs, making you move more comfortably and control the rhythm.

4. Fabric comfortable underwear

In the process of women, your body will be squeezed on the man. At this time, the fabric comfort is another key point.It is recommended to choose fabrics with good breathability and comfortable sense, such as cotton, silk, etc., so as to avoid unnecessary discomfort during the process.

5. Speaking sexy underwear

For some women, high -necked sexy underwear is easier to cover up some "must protect" physical parts, such as the waist and chest.Using high -necked underwear can make women more confident and easy to control.


The personalized sexy underwear is another choice for women’s special needs. It can better adjust and exercise physical muscles, improve physical coordination ability and love quality, and better show women’s curves and self -confidence.

7. Rich color sexy underwear

Interest underwear must not only have practical functions, but also have some fashionable and creative elements.In the process of women’s superiors, some emotional colors can better stimulate the sexual desire of women and men and promote the pleasure of both sides.

8. Underwear size suitable for your body

Choosing a suitable size of sex underwear is very important for sex experience when the female superior.Inappropriate sizes will not only affect the feeling, but also cause deformation and damage to the underwear. In severe cases, it may cause physical discomfort and health problems.

9. Past foreplay

The entire process of women’s upper posture requires more physical exercise and synergy, and more foreplay.This can achieve adaptation of female muscles and help women better control the rhythm of men, thereby maximizing the experience effect.

10. Conclusion

The choice of women’s top sexy underwear is very important for the quality and sense of sex for sex.When choosing underwear, you should consider it according to your physical characteristics, preferences, and needs.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the communication and collaboration with the partner. Only in this way can we truly realize the pleasure and happiness of sex.

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