World brand sexy underwear

World brand sexy underwear

1. What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear refers to the combination of fashionable and sexy underwear. It usually uses thinner materials and exposed body design to show the beautiful curve of women’s figure and meet the needs of sexual psychology and sexual desire.Interest underwear is not only a sexy knowledge, but also a woman’s self -expression and pursuit of beauty.

2. Sex underwear type

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple types according to styles and uses, including bikinis, pajamas, suspenders, jackets, bodywear, bra and underwear.In the design of different manufacturers and designers in the same style of sexy underwear, wearing effects and shapes will be different.

3. The color and material of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is usually made of softer, transparent, good texture, elastic, and can adjust materials, such as silk, gauze, lace, mesh, leather, etc.In terms of color, the choice of sexy underwear is also very rich, including black, white, red, pink, purple, etc., showing different personalities and temperament of women.

4. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most famous underwear brands. Its brands include Victoria’s Secret Lingerie and Victoria’s Secret Pink.Its erotic underwear is bold and sexy, and often uses lace and translucent materials to highlight the beautiful body and confident character of women.Victoria’s Secret’s sexy underwear is loved and sought after by women worldwide.

5. Agent Provocateur of the World Brand Sexy Underwear

Agent Provocateur is a British sexy underwear brand. With a unique design and color, it is famous for liberating the sexy charm of women.Its classic underwear design adds retro, luxurious, and seductive factors. It has obvious British romantic style, creating high -quality underwear enjoyment.

6. La Perla of the World Brand Sexy Underwear

La Perla is a Italian erotic underwear brand that breaks the traditional underwear restrictions in design. It uses flexibility and high -end materials to manually woven into luxurious and sexy sexy underwear.Its color matching is very particular, the color is bright, the details are exquisite, and the unique design style is outstanding in the brand.

7. Wolford of the world’s sexy underwear

Wolford is a Austrian erotic underwear brand. It is famous for its classic black color sexy underwear. It has a calm, lonely, and noble cultural temperament. Its style has the characteristics of simplicity and exquisiteness, high -end atmosphere, and integration with fashion.Known as underwear in luxury goods.

8. Calvin KLEIN in the World Brand Sexy Underwear

Calvin Klein is an American sex lingerie brand that launched Calvin Klein Underwear, which are divided into two series: CKONE and CKBLACK.The CKONE series of sexy underwear is bold, avant -garde, and is suitable for women who like personality wearing styles. The CKBLACK series pays more attention to materials and comfort, providing women with a more personal and comfortable dressing experience.


Chantelle is a French sex underwear brand from France, with its simple but charming design and high -quality production.Its product has attracted the attention of countless women in the Rococo style. The artistic flavor design and the smooth line cuts bring a unique and exquisite feeling to the brand.

10. The common characteristics of global brand sexy underwear

The world’s brand erotic underwear has common characteristics, namely bold and sexy, novel design, particular material, attractive appearance, attracting the attention and love of countless women.These brands compete with each other and constantly pushing new outlets, allowing female friends to maintain a colorful and beautiful life while wearing confidence and sexy.

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The ultimate goal is to highlight the independence, freedom and personality of women, and exude the charm of nature, beauty, and health.

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