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Xining, as the capital of Qinghai Province and an important city in the northwest, has a lot of sexy underwear shops.These shops offer various types of sexy underwear, clothing and accessories to meet consumers’ different needs and tastes.In this article, we will introduce the location and characteristics of several Xining sex lingerie shops to help you find the need for the product easily.

Cultural Kingdom Funeral Museum

The Cultural Kingdom Interesting Hall is located in Lijing Road, Chengxi District, Xining City. This is a shop that sells various sex products, sexy underwear, and health products.The store also provides purchasing and delivery services for sex products to meet the needs of consumers from head to toe.Especially in terms of sales of sexy underwear, the variety of cultural and love halls is quite rich, the price is moderate, and the service is thoughtful.

Lily sex underwear shop

Lily sex underwear store is located in the Jiashi Lijing Market in the east of the city. It is a popular attraction for shopping in Xining.The store’s store has a beautiful design, uniform display racks and intimate shopping guides allowing customers to feel silky services.Lily sex underwear shop has unique products, personalized, and reasonable prices. It is a shop you never want to miss.

Huayu sexy underwear shop

Huayu sexy underwear shop is located in Xincheng Road in the city. It is a shop that sells sexy underwear, which supplies various types of sexy underwear, which is suitable for people of various figures.At the same time, Huayu’s sexy underwear store also launched a series of super -promoted promotions, making your shopping experience more surprising and interesting.

Chengdu sexy underwear shop

Chengdu’s sexy underwear shop is located on Haihu Road in the west of the city and is a larger store.There are all kinds of sexy underwear, perfumes, high heels, etc. in the store. It is a well -covered sexy shop.Especially in women’s sexy underwear, there are quite a few varieties of sexy lingerie stores in Chengdu, and the prices are very affordable.

Fun Love Shang

Funci’s headquarters is located in Lizhong County, Xining City. It is a sexy underwear shop that pays great attention to the user experience.There are diverse types and styles in the store, from sexy underwear to sex supplies, to all kinds of sexual supplements.In addition, Funai still has its own professional pre -sales consultant and after -sales service team, which can provide customers with professional guidance and guarantee.

Sweet and beautiful sexy underwear shop

Sweet and beautiful underwear shop is located on Xiyang Road, West District. It is a sexy underwear shop full of feminine underwear.The environment in the store is very clean and tidy, and the decoration is very elegant, which makes people feel a warm atmosphere.Sweet and sexy underwear stores offer a variety of excellent sexy underwear and sex products, there is always one that makes you like.

Flower Fun Innerwear Building

Flower Fun Info House is located in the middle of the Yangtze River Road in the south of the city. It is a well -known sexy shop.The store mainly sells various sex products and sexy underwear, and comes with a trial room for you to try before buying.The service attitude of Huayin Influence underwear Building is excellent and the price is relatively reasonable. It is a shop that cannot be missed.


With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, sexy underwear is becoming more and more common.In Xining, there are many sexy underwear shops to choose from, and each store has its own unique characteristics.According to your own needs, it is particularly important to choose a sexy underwear shop that suits you, so please choose carefully. I hope everyone can find what they like in the world of sexy underwear.

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