Yiwu Huancai sexy lingerie store address

Yiwu Huancai sexy lingerie store address

Welcome to Yiwu Huancai sexy underwear shop

Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodity city with many sexy underwear suppliers and retailers.Huan Cai’s sexy underwear shop is a professional sexy underwear shop that provides various styles of sexy underwear.

Address and traffic

Huancai Inner Clothing Shop is located at No. 288 Jiangnan Road, Kanjiang Street, Yiwu City, with convenient transportation.

You can get off the "Trade City Station" of Metro Line 1 and walk for 10 minutes.

Or you can take the bus to the "Jiangbin South Road" station and get off the bus for 2 minutes.

In -store products

Huancai’s sexy underwear shop has various styles of sexy underwear products, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc.

Our products are high -quality, and both suppliers and manufacturers have formal certification.

In -store decoration

The interior decoration of Huan Cai’s Infusion Underwear Shop is warm and comfortable, allowing you to relax your mood when choosing a fun underwear.

Our shop is simple and atmospheric, which makes you feel very convenient when choosing a sexy underwear.

Ideas and services

The service concept of Huan Cai’s sexy underwear store is professional, honest, and efficient.

The services we provide include payment, return and exchange service, free shipping, etc. to ensure your shopping experience.

In -store promotion

In order to give back to the majority of customers, we often carry out promotional activities in the store.

Regardless of whether you come to our store for shopping or old customers, we all provide you with certain discounts.

Rental service in the store

Huan Cai’s sexy underwear store has renting sexy underwear services, so that you also have different experiences in private occasions.

Our rental service is very convenient. After choosing your favorite sexy underwear, you only need to provide a deposit and identity certificate.


The surrounding environment around Huan Cai’s Inquisity Lingerie is extremely rich, and snack bars, shopping malls, cinemas, KTVs, etc. are all available.

If you are hungry after shopping, you can also come to the snack street near the store to taste the local snacks.

Privacy in the store

Huancai’s sexy underwear shop pays great attention to privacy, and our product packaging is very hidden.

We will back up your address book information offline, and we will never leak your personal information.


Huancai sexy underwear shop is a professional, honest, and efficient sexy underwear shop, looking forward to your visit!

The services and products we provide can satisfy you, look forward to your patrons!

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