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Zhanjiang sexy underwear, how to choose and match

The word erotic underwear seems to be no longer a fresh vocabulary. Different brands and different design sexy underwear have become a popular market.However, consumers really understand about sexy underwear?How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you and how to match it, today we answered one by one.

1. Understand your figure

Women of different bodies wear the same sexy underwear, the effect is obviously different.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first understand whether your body is suitable for this sexy underwear, otherwise the beautiful mood will be affected by the unfacked sexy underwear.

2. Master the size of the underwear

It is important to buy sexy underwear. Whether the size is suitable.Although different brands of underwear are different, knowing your size will make the purchase process easier.It is recommended to measure the size of the body first, and then choose the size suitable for you according to the product information.

3. Match with sex underwear according to the occasion

Wearing different styles of sexy underwear in different occasions will make you more decent.For example, when wearing a low -cut dress, you may wish to choose a sexy lace bra or three -point sexy underwear to add a femininity.

4. Select design according to personality

Different design styles, express different personalities.If you are a sexy woman, it is recommended to choose designs such as off -shoulders, umbilicals, and back, showing your sexy and femininity.If you are a sweet woman, you can choose some cute little animal patterns, embroidered lace, etc., making you more pleasant.

5. The combination of underwear and coat

In the last point, the matching of underwear and coats is equally important.For example, wearing a white shirt, the underwear must wear a skin color or light color to avoid the color of the underwear penetrating the coat, which affects the overall effect.If you wear a close -fitting clothing, the underwear should be flattened to avoid leaving raised marks on the coat.

In short, sexy underwear is no longer a fresh vocabulary in today’s era, but we need to note that when choosing sexy underwear, you must carefully consider your body, size, occasion, personality, and underwear and coats.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, and the moment you put on it, show the most beautiful self.