Zipper underwear Video


Zipper underwear Instead is a sexy underwear that has been popular in recent years. It can also inspire sexy atmosphere while showing a special design, while showing the beautiful leg lines. It is the first choice for many women.Today, we will explain how to wear and match the zipper underwear in sexy underwear videos, so that you are more handy when wearing zipper underwear sex underwear.

Step 1: Choose a style that suits you

There are many styles to choose from in the zipper underwear, such as waistband and low -waist pants.Different styles are suitable for different figures and occasions.You need to choose the style that suits you according to your body and style.

Step 2: Select the right size

The choice of size is very important. Excessive or too small will affect the wear effect and comfort.When choosing, you need to pay attention to whether your size is consistent with the size of the brand. If you are not sure, you can consult customer service or try on confirmation in advance.

Step 3: Accessories matching

Zipper’s panties and other accessories can add overall beauty with other accessories.For example, you can selective high -heeled shoes, stockings, lace gloves, etc.

Step 4: Match on the fitting

Zipper’s panties of panties usually need to be matched with coats. You can choose to match the pivot jacket, short jacket, etc. to create a sexy and elegant atmosphere.

Step 5: How to use the zipper

The zipper of the zipper underwear is usually behind the zipper. It needs to pull the zipper to the right position and tighten it to fix the underwear and improve the comfort and use effect.

Step 6: How to maintain

The maintenance of the zipper underwear in the panties needs to be paid attention to. It is best to wash it in hand. Do not use the washing machine to clean it. Do not expose and iron it.Avoid washing with other clothing to avoid damage.

Step 7: Selection of the occasion

Zipper’s panties are suitable for various occasions, such as nightclubs and private parties.When wearing, you need to consider the atmosphere of the occasion and your own comfort, and choose the right occasion to show the sexy charm of the underwear.

Step 8: Note

When wearing zipper underwear, you need to pay attention to personal hygiene, and you should clean and disinfect in time after you wear it.Avoid sharing underwear with others to avoid infectious diseases.


Zipper’s panties are a very sexy and charming underwear, but you need to be careful when you wear and use it. Pay attention to personal hygiene, occasions and matching, and pay attention to the maintenance of underwear to achieve the best effect and dressing comfort.