How to wear sexy underwear during menstruation

How to wear sexy underwear during menstruation

How to wear sexy underwear during menstruation

As one of the daily necessities of women, there are many types of sexy underwear, and different styles are even more dazzling.However, in a special period, such as menstrual periods, wearing sexy underwear also requires special attention.Here is some small suggestions about wearing sexy underwear during menstrual periods.

Breathable comfortable cloth

Before the advent of menstruation and during menstruation, women may feel that their bodies are a little uncomfortable, and there may be a condition of being too stuffy and humid on the body.Therefore, at this time, it is best to choose underwear with good breathability, such as using fiber materials with cotton fabric or good breathability, which can help the body to dissipate heat and make the body feel more comfortable.

Comfortable style

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The hormone levels in the body during menstruation will change, which may cause breasts to become more sensitive and congested.To this end, it is best to choose a more soft sexy underwear at this time, without having to be too tight or lifted.

Choose the right pants type

During the menstrual period, some women may have symptoms of abdominal distension, which requires choosing the appropriate pants to soothe this symptom and avoid compressing the waist and abdomen.It is recommended to choose a relatively low -waist underwear, no need to choose too high waist or tight styles.

Avoid wearing too tight -fitting clothing

During menstruation, because the body’s immunity will be relatively low, it is necessary to avoid excessive bouquet or wearing too tight sexy underwear. In this case, it may lead to the corresponding discomfort such as allergies and scratches in private parts.

Avoid too exciting

During menstruation, dark or hard sexy underwear and too exciting materials, design and functions are not suitable, because these may cause sensitive or discomfort.Because women are more fragile at this stage, excessive physical stimulation sometimes aggravate symptoms.

Choose underwear with leak -proof function

During the menstrual period, every woman needs to face tedious sanitary nursing problems.In order to avoid leakage during **, choosing a sexual leak -proofing -proof function can reduce the troubles.At this time, it is recommended to choose cotton -quality leak -proof pants, which can make the body more breathable and reduce the discomfort caused by smelling odor.

Stay Up

Replace the frequency

During menstruation, because there are more secretions and the private parts are more sensitive, the change frequency of sex underwear needs to be strengthened.It is recommended to replace the sexy underwear at least once a day. Of course, it is not harmful to replace more frequently. This will help maintain the cleanliness of the private parts and reduce the reproduction of bacteria.

Reasonable washing

Seating of sexy lingerie need to pay attention to some details, avoid using too exciting potions to clean the fabric, and also avoid too frequent washing.It is recommended to use a neutral laundry solution. After washing, you can rinse it with water, and then dry it to the ventilated place.

in conclusion

Whether in menstrual period or usual, we need to pay attention to wearing erotic underwear.Especially in the menstrual period, women need to pay more attention to their physical changes, reasonably wear sexy underwear, take care of themselves carefully, and avoid many unnecessary discomfort.