Supermodel Silk Sex Underwear Show the first game

Supermodel Silk Sex Underwear Show the first game

Grand opening

In a flashing night, major brands scrambled to launch their latest sexy underwear, and our focus event was the first game of the supermodel silk sex underwear show.Arranging first -class scenes and public images are all ready to wait for everyone to come.VIPs have also come to the scene one after another, bringing unlimited expectations to the upcoming fashion feast.

Star appearance

As the focus of the catwalk, many stars will not be invited to the scene, showing their different styles of sexy underwear.People who book tickets can find the particular favorite part in the catwalk clothing and buy it later.

Layout and light

Lace Silk Chemise – 8813

The layout and light are also very important for our sexy lingerie show.Our designers have created an environment full of stylish sense in the venue, and uses violently changing lights to launch the sexy, mysterious and desire of our silk erotic underwear.

Brand sponsors

Brand sponsors are also an important part of our sexy underwear show. Each brand also strives to build their own unique monologue in front of the show. To this end, it will be promoted accordingly, so that those participating in the event will know the advantages and advantages and of the brand’s advantages andThe shining highlights, at the same time, the brand will also give the exquisite gifts to the people who buy tickets in the field.

fashion elements

Our erotic underwear show pays attention to fashion elements.Our designers+models only use the sexy of silk for design, and also use the most popular color and innovative design today, so that sex underwear can also get out of their new market on the fashion stage.


There is also a surprise link in the sexy underwear show, that is, the results of the announcement of the draft.Members of the jury will choose the best sexy underwear design and model catwalk from this game.We hope to take this opportunity to promote the design and model business of silk sexy lingerie, and at the same time encourage designers and models to bring us more surprises and innovations.

Diverse choice

In our sexy underwear show, different silk erotic underwear choices are also involved.We not only have a series of styles and patterns with different styles, but also many styles and texture to buy, thereby meeting the needs of everyone.

Plus Teddies & Bodysuits


After the show of the sexy lingerie show, we seized the hearts of most people and poured into commercial buildings, online malls or factory stores to buy.We believe that silk erotic underwear will not lose its emotion and practicality, and it will not lose its gravity and charm.

User evaluation

As soon as the erotic underwear show ended, we received a lot of user feedback on this activity and silk sexy underwear. These users praised our hard work and exquisite designs, and looked forward to the future sex underwear show.


In the show, we realize that many designers and models have extraordinary ideas and dreams, and we will actively encourage them to show their new ideas.We hope that the future sex underwear show will be more colorful.

Point of view

By showing the development of the different eras of silk sexy underwear, we will provide a new proposition for the market, so as to seize the hearts of more users and enjoy our products with more people.We firmly believe that the potential of the silk sex underwear market will continue to grow, and we will continue to invest more energy to bring users more and better products.