Punishment of sexy underwear bisberry

What is sexy underwear bisberry?

Sexy underwear bisberry refers to both women’s underwear or men’s underwear in appearance.The design of this sexy underwear is very special, suitable for those who like to try different styles.In modern society, more and more people have begun to accept this kind of blurred sexy underwear, and even start wearing it as daily clothing.

Why do I need to punish sexy lingerie bipoices?

Although the design of the sexy lingerie bipoor is very special, some people still feel disgusted with it.Many of them think that this sexy underwear will destroy the "normal" gender dual theory concept, and believes that this kind of clothing has an immoral nature, and some people regard this clothing as a sin caused by moral corruption.Therefore, these people will take various ways to punish this sexy underwear bisberry.

Punishment method 1: Mocile and criticize people wearing sexy underwear bisirs

For many people, people who wear sexy lingerie bipoices will feel uncomfortable, and these people will make bad reviews and mockery on this dress.Although this method of punishment does not have direct physical damage, the psychological damage to the accusations is great, and the impact cannot be ignored.

Punishment Method 2: Carrying homosexual attacks on sexy underwear bisexuals

Some people think that people wearing sexy underwear are homosexuals, because the costumes they wear are reminiscent of cross -gender and distortion.Therefore, these people will use homosexual attacks to punish sexy underwear bisirs.This attack is not rational, cruel, and great insult.

Punishment method three: Social isolation of sexy underwear bisexual

Some people use the way of isolation of sexy underwear to punish them.This isolation is not only in reality, but also through social media, forums or other methods.This method of punishment will cause sexual underwear to lose its ability to social exchanges, leading to emotional and psychological distress.

Punishment method 4: physical damage to sexy underwear bisexuality

Some extreme people will take violence to physical damage to people wearing sexy underwear.This method of punishment is very cruel and inhumane, which will cause great physical and psychological damage to the injured people.

Does sexy underwear bisexual need to be punished?

Everyone has the right to choose their favorite costume style.Although sexy lingerie bisberry is different from the traditional concept of gender dual theory, it does not have any problems that hurt social rules and ethics.For this kind of blurred clothing, it should not be punished in any form.On the contrary, an open, free, and inclusive social atmosphere should be established so that everyone can freely choose their own lifestyle without being restricted and influenced by the outside world.

How to break the restraint of gender dualism?

To get rid of the traditional concept of gender dualism, we need to adopt the following ways:

Establish an open and inclusive social atmosphere so that everyone can choose their own lifestyle freely.

Improve education level, strengthen the popularity and education of gender equality, let people better understand gender diversification, and accept people with different gender, gender identity and sexual tendencies.

Strengthening the guidance of media and propaganda no longer emphasizes the concept of traditional gender dualism, but advocates the development of diversified gender culture.


Sexy underwear is a kind of interesting and creative clothing. For those who are willing to try different styles, they can bring a new experience.However, for those who have biased prejudice for sexy lingerie bidances because of traditional thoughts, we need to discriminate discrimination and build an enlightened and inclusive social atmosphere.

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