1. Understand the pills and sexy underwear

Velvet and sexy underwear is a sexy underwear made of fur or furry fabric.Usually, they are made of delicate and soft materials that are in contact with the skin, giving people a comfortable, warm and soft feeling.This underwear type is suitable for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and other important moments.

2. Materials of Velvet Welling Lingerie

This material is usually made of wool, sheepskin, artificial hair or synthetic fluff.These materials are highly soft and comfortable, and the warmth is very good.

3. Different styles of velvet sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear is designed with various styles, suitable for different types of candidates.For example, there are short fur with hair collar, mixed sets of lace and fluffy, and corset skirts with fluffy edges.

4. The color of the flood of sexy underwear

Different colors of velvet sexy underwear can show different atmosphere and feelings.Black and dark red are more traditional color choices, which can create a romantic, mysterious, and amazing atmosphere.Light pink, gray and beige color and other colors are gentle, cute and sweet.

5. The matching of velvet underwear

If you want to wear a better effect of fluffy sexy underwear, you can choose to match other accessories such as high heels, stockings, gloves and earrings.This can make the overall shape and atmosphere more perfect.

6. Maintenance of Velvet Welling Underwear

Due to the special material of fluffy and sexy underwear, special maintenance methods need to be paid to special maintenance methods.When cleaning, washing dedicated to fluff clothing should be used and washed according to the instructions on the label.Do not dry the underwear in the sun, but to dry it in a well -ventilated place in the room.

7. The moment wearing fluffy underwear

The time for wearing fluffy underwear includes nights, parties, Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions.They can also give their boyfriend or husband as a special gift to increase the romantic atmosphere and mood.

8. Size of Velvet Instead underwear

Different brands of velvet sex underwear may be different, so you must carefully measure your body size before buying, and choose the suitable size of your own.

9. Note

Wearing velvet and sexy underwear can make people feel very sexy and confident, but if they are not worn properly, it is easy to make people feel strange and weird.Therefore, pay attention to the occasion and atmosphere when wearing fluffy underwear to avoid inappropriate situations.

10. Views of Velvet Welling Underwear

Velvet and sexy underwear has a unique temperament and style, suitable for some special moments or given to special people as gifts.Their special materials require special maintenance, but wearing effects can make people feel very confident and sexy.

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