Sleeping sexy underwear model

Sleeping sexy underwear model

1. Background introduction

Interest underwear models are undoubtedly a charm and challenge. They are in sexy underwear and show their figures and confidence on the runway.As a photographer, I am fortunate to work with many sexy underwear models, and one of them has made me unforgettable.

2. Encounter

That winter, I received a shooting task of a sexy underwear company and needed to shoot their latest product lines.At the shooting scene, I met the model Koli. She had a unique charm and temperament that made me unable to be obsessed.

3. When shooting

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Ke Li put on the company’s new sexy underwear, which was amazing.At the same time, I started to get busy and capture every detail of her from the best angle.The shooting continued until the night, and then I realized that I was not just working.

4. Encounter on the party

After the shooting, the Info Underwear Company held a party and invited photographers and models to participate.At the party, Koli was a star, and he also chose to sit down and drink with me.We chat and discuss their hobbies with music.

5. Passionate invitation

After the end of the body, Ke Li asked me to invite me to invite me to her hotel room for a glass of wine.My heart began to move, but at the same time felt a little uneasy.

6. Gentle Koli

When I arrived at the hotel, Koli took out a bottle of red wine, and we sat on the bed and drank.Talking and talking, I found that she was extremely gentle, and every detail on her body was full of attractiveness.She started kissing me, we kissed warmly, and I began to feel her body gradually warmed.

7. Turn the clouds and rain

We rolled on the bed and enjoyed love and passion.Throughout the night, I seemed to be caught in a world that I couldn’t control, and every moment made me intoxicated, Koli’s charming figure moved me deeply.

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8. Sober morning

The next morning, when we woke up, I realized that my body had been immersed in Koli’s warmth.We exchanged the phone number together, and then I left her hotel room.

9. Thinking and reflection

Back to my studio, I thought about it all day, and suspected that this experience was just my fantasy.However, when I found that I received a photo I left from Ciley, I believe that this experience is real.

10. Viewpoint

In the past few years, I have experienced many good times, but I have never felt so fulfilling and satisfied as this time.This experience made me feel that the charm of sexy underwear models is not only appearance, but their unique temperament and charm.