Star sex lingerie color map

Star sex lingerie color map

(Note: This article only provides the knowledge and market overview of the type of sexy underwear, does not include pornographic and sexual hint content)

Star sex lingerie color map

Interest underwear is a underwear designed specifically for enhancing sexuality.Stars wearing them in performances or private life have also become the object of many fans who are sought after.This article will introduce some interesting underwear and market overviews that stars like, and will explain in detail from the aspects of brand, style, material, style.

Brand overview

In the sexy underwear market, well -known foreign brands include Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Frederick’s of Hollywood.Among the domestic brands, brands such as showy meals, FANAA, KISS ME have been favored.

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The design styles of sexy underwear are different, and the styles are not the same.Common styles are bra, underwear, lace coats, hollowed out jackets, etc.Among them, some exquisitely designed sexy lingerie styles are favored by celebrities.

Material overview

The material of sexy underwear is generally polyester, lace, silk, etc., and the material is harmless to human skin.Stars generally like to choose fabrics with smooth feel and soft touch to ensure comfort and dress.

Color overview

The color of sexy underwear is diverse, and the classic colors are red, black, and white.And now the pink and purple systems that are gradually popular have also become the first choice for some people.Color choice varies from person to person, usually the choices of stars are more bold and sexy.

Style overview

The style of sexy underwear is diverse. Among them, the more popular are hollow design, lace lace design, and bra’s lining design.These designs emphasize personalized and charm to meet the needs of different consumers.

Star -like sexy lingerie styles


1. Zhang Junning

Brand: Agent Provocateur

Style: Stockings and lace lace conjoined nighttime nighttime

Color: black, red

2. Zheng Shuang

Brand: showcase meal

Style: lace suite underwear

Colors: White, Black

3. Liu Shishi

Brand: Victoria’s Secret

Style: cool lace lace swimsuit set

Color: pink

4. Yang Mi

Brand: Kiss ME

Style: lace hollow underwear suit

Color: black, white

market Overview

At present, the scale of the sex underwear market has gradually expanded, especially in the European and American markets, the consumption concept of the market is more open and respected.In China, due to the different social and cultural backgrounds, the sexy underwear market is still in the initial stage, and the popularity of the product is low, but in recent years, it has also shown a certain upward trend.

In the domestic market, the consumption of sexy underwear is mainly concentrated in large cities. The main consumers are female groups and couples under the age of 35. At the same time, the demand for sex underwear is also purchased from online stores to offline retail stores.


Although the sex underwear market is still in the early stages of development, with the improvement of national living standards and the change of consumer concepts, the sexy underwear market is expected to further expand, providing more diverse products and better sales channels to meet consumer needs.