The crispy breasts under the sexy underwear are loved by people

Introduction: The crispy breasts under the sexy underwear are loved by people

Interest underwear is not only a kind of intimate moment, but also a weapon to create a sexy charm of women.The style of sexy underwear is rich and diverse, and the most attractive one can show the charm and beautiful breasts of women.In this article, we will explore the beautiful breasts under the sexy underwear.

Part 1: The effect of underwear material on the chest shape

The material of the underwear will not only affect the comfort of wearing, but also affect the chest shape.For women with small breasts, choose pads or gathered underwear.For women with large breasts, you must choose more supportive underwear and the material must be elastic, so as to avoid sagging of the chest.Wool, cotton, velvet and other materials can make the chest fuller and soft.Elastic fibers, lace and other materials can shape the chest shape more beautiful and charming.

Part 2: Gathering sexy underwear

Gathering sexy underwear is a underwear designed for women with smaller breasts or scattered.There are two types of gathered underwear, one is a V -shaped distance between the underwear cups, and the other is the lingerie cup connected.There is a V -shaped sexy underwear between the underwear cups. The underwear has a significant gathering effect on the relatively flat breasts, and it also has an established effect on the breasts of moderate size.The lingerie cup connected sexy underwear is aimed at the chest design with moderate size, which can make the chest more concentrated and prominent.

Part 3: Triangular sexy underwear

Triangular sexy underwear is a more conventional sexy underwear model. Its matchmaker is a woman with natural forms and personalized.The size of the triangular underwear is generally designed according to the size of the wearer’s chest, and the design is relatively simple. The effect of no gathering makes the chest show a natural state without any framework.This kind of sexy underwear does not have too much requirements for wearers’ chest shapes, and women who can make FOR fonts, V -shaped or flat chest are well -dressed.

Part 4: Shoulder Ribbon Sex Underwear

The simplest style of the shadow -free sexy underwear is the removable backbone. The disassembly of the strap is simple, easy to wear, and also sexy.The advantage of this sexy underwear is that it can be matched with the design called contour stickers, which fully matches the tailoring of the chest, so that the wearer’s chest is more three -dimensional.For women with a perfect chest curve, this is a good daily wear choice.

Part 5: Lace Fun Underwear

Lace erotic underwear has conquered the hearts of many women with its soft, breathable, elegant, and beautiful characteristics.The charm of this underwear lies in its delicate details and the suspension of human eyeballs, which can create the most imaginative romantic atmosphere.If you want to reflect the juicy and delicate charm of women, you can choose pink, pink purple and other colors of lace sexy underwear, and if you want to highlight the sexy and elegant of mature women, you can choose red, black or purple colors.

Part 6: imitation skin sex lingerie

Imitation of leather and sexy underwear is one of the sources of creative inspiration for many sexy women’s clothing designers.This erotic lingerie style abandons the soft style and gives people wild, ruthless and challenging.Women wearing such fun underwear are usually confident, independent, sexy, and unruly symbols.The imitation skiny underwear is full of symbols, with rock, rebellion, PUNK and other elements, revealing a wild character.

Part 7: Lian Sports Character

Even the women’s sexy underwear is more suitable for women who want to break daily wearing a gloomy situation and hope to stun the others at intimate moments.The conjoined erotic underwear does not have too much requirements for the wearer’s chest shape. It can effectively enhance the sexy atmosphere with wearing other items.The shooting effect brought by the wearer is quite good. Coupled with her low -key and high -end perfect quality, it is really worth choosing.

Part 8: Body -shaping sexy underwear

The biggest effect of body -shaping sexy underwear is to make her figure more reasonable and beautiful. More importantly, she has the body that is different from other women’s clothing.In the sexy underwear zone, there are many body -shaped sexy underwear brands, but the one that suits you best is the best.Wearing them also further improved women’s fashion taste in daily life, making the wearer feel confident.

Part 9: Flat Sausa -type sexy underwear

The tassel sexy underwear is a relatively novel, a little niche sexy lingerie style. Its advantage is that she is different from other types of sexy underwear.The personality of the wearer is one of the reasons for this kind of sexy underwear.In addition, the tassel sexy underwear has a significance for the wearer -the range of activities is wide, more free and comfortable.

Part 10: Low -cut sexy underwear

Low -cut sexy underwear is an artifact that attracts more eyeballs. It can not only show the chest more prominent, but also highlight the charm and tranquility of women.Low -cut erotic underwear is more advantageous for the younger sister. It can concentrate the chest inward to effectively avoid sexy charm because of the flat chest.For those with medium and large breasts, low -cut underwear can also successfully reduce the feeling of heavy chest.

Ending: The beautiful breasts need to be repaired internally and outside the outside world

The beautiful breasts under the sex underwear not only require good design and materials of the underwear, but also daily maintenance and health care.Women can perform some chest exercise, such as push -ups, dumbbell bench presses.In addition, not smoking, avoiding exposure to ultraviolet rays, and choosing underwear size suitable for you can also effectively protect the chest.The most important point is that women must maintain a good mood, confident and firm, and be their own charm.

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