The heroine does sexy underwear pearls

Female leading sexy underwear pearls

The existence of sexy underwear has always added a lot of fun to our sexual life.Among them, the sexy underwear pearl series has become the first choice for many women, because it can not only bring visual temptation to women, but also a certain massage function, which can be described as "more than one fell swoop".Below I will introduce the relevant content of the female lead to make sexy underwear pearls in detail.

I. What is sexy underwear pearl?

Sexy underwear pearls are sexy underwear combined with underwear and pearls. Its main feature is to stuff small beads into underwear, which increases the stimulus of friction, which makes people feel pleasure.The quality and quantity of pearls will also affect its texture and stimulus.

What are the types of pearls?

The pearls used in sexy underwear pearls are mainly divided into two types: real beads and artificial pearls. The quality of real pearls is better, but the price is relatively high. The price of artificial pearls is relatively close to the people, but the quality of beads is also diverse.

Is there a difference between the size of III? Pearl?

The size of pearls also has different applications in the sexy underwear pearls. Generally speaking, the smaller the size of the beads, the stronger the stimulus, and it is more suitable for women who like strong stimulation, while larger pearls are suitable for women who like mild stimulation.

Iv. Will the number of pearls affect the intensity of stimulation?

The number of pearls is also one of the important factors affecting the stimulation of sexy underwear pearls.The more pearls, the more stimulation will be brought in in exercise, but do not add too much to avoid affecting the comfort of wearing.

V. What kind of material does sexy underwear pearl need?

The material of sexy underwear pearls should choose high -quality silk or comfortable cotton. The quality of quality determines the comfort of wearing, and it will also affect the effect of use.

Vi. What kind of woman is suitable for wearing sexy underwear pearls?

Sexy underwear pearls are mainly suitable for women who have a positive attitude towards sex and dare to try.In addition, there will be some sports bundling designs such as this kind of underwear, so women with softer and flexible bodies are more suitable.

Vii. What should I pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear pearls?

Pay attention to comfort and hygiene in sexual underwear pearls. Be sure to choose the size of your body, and at the same time clean it to ensure the hygiene of the underwear.

VIII. What are the styles of sexy underwear pearls?

The style of sexy underwear pearls has a variety of style, including beach models, gymnastics, grid models, etc. Each style has its unique characteristics, which can be selected according to your own needs.

IX. The use of sexy underwear pearls

Using sexy underwear pearls can be exercised according to your own needs, and at the same time, you also need to control your strength and speed to achieve the best results.

X. Conclusion

In summary, sexy underwear pearls, as a unique sexy underwear, combined with the function of underwear design and physical massage, can provide women with a more exciting sexual experience.However, it is also necessary to pay attention to comfort and hygiene during choice and wear.

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