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Introduction: Question of Fairy underwear drying

For women who like to wear sexy underwear, how to dry sex underwear has become a question that has to be considered.After all, these underwear styles are unique and the fabrics are more delicate. If you do not pay attention to drying, it will easily lead to problems such as deformation and damage.However, many people are facing the embarrassment of drying the sexy underwear without any dedicated places.This article will provide several sexy underwear drying methods I often use, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Use drying rack

The drying rack is the most common way of drying, and it is also the first choice for drying underwear.Put the underwear on the drying rack to avoid direct sunlight, which can protect the material of the underwear from being damaged.At the same time, you can also choose to clamp the underwear in the splint of the drying rack, which is more stable.

Hanging on the underwriter

The underwear is also a very practical method of drying. It can save the shape of the underwear and let the underwear dry naturally.Of course, to avoid direct sunlight to prevent colors.In addition, you can try some special techniques when hanging underwear, such as hanging underwear through the shoulder strap or front and rear tie, so that the underwear can be better kept.

Use the clothes rope

The drying rope is a more convenient way to dry. As long as the rope is fixed, you can hang the underwear up and dry it.At the same time, the clothes drying rope can be adjusted freely as needed, which is convenient to arrange.Of course, to avoid direct sunlight.

Dry in the wardrobe

If you do n’t have a suitable place to dry underwear at home, consider putting them in the wardrobe.However, you need to remind you here that you must make sure that most of them are dry before putting under the wardrobe, otherwise there will be odor and even breed bacteria.

Dry in the bathroom

It is also a good choice in the bathroom, especially in humid weather.At this time, open the ventilation equipment of the bathroom and use the humidity of hot water to dry the underwear naturally.However, it also needs to avoid direct sunlight.

Use electric fan

For those who are urgently needed to use sexy underwear, electric fans may be a faster choice.Put the underwear in front of the electric fan and blow dry, you can dry the underwear quickly.

Use of dryer

If you have a dryer, it is also a good choice to put a fun underwear into the dryer.However, you still need to pay attention to heat and time to avoid damage to sexy underwear.

Wire manually

If the time is urgent, you need to dry the sexy underwear quickly, you can also try to twist the water out with your hands.However, you must pay attention to avoid deformation.


No matter which method is used, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. Avoid direct sunlight, so as not to cause color degeneration or deterioration of materials.

2. Underwear should not be exposed for too long to avoid fading or damage.

3. Do not use electrical appliances such as oven or microwave oven to avoid the deformation and melting of the underwear.


I have practiced the above methods of drying, and the effect is very good.Of course, each method has its applicable scenarios, and the specific choice should be judged in combination with the actual situation.I hope this article will be helpful to women who need to expose sexy underwear.

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