Tucao boyfriend Buy Nisu Intellectual Underwear

Tucao boyfriend Buy Nisu Intellectual Underwear

Recently, my boyfriend bought me a set of sexy underwear, but the style made me a little speechless -it was a nun.My reaction at the time was: Is he serious?Intersection

1. Appearance and design

The appearance of this sexy underwear is like a monk, and it feels like returning to his hometown.This is completely inconsistent with the positioning of sexy underwear, which makes people feel strange.

2. Compare other styles

If compared with other erotic underwear, the nun’s dress looks not sexy at all.Putting it, it even makes people feel a sense of women and sadness, which is the same for men.

3. Highlight the role of the body

The design of erotic underwear is usually used to highlight the beautiful figure of women, while the nun’s installation will not have such effects.On the contrary, it will make the figure look bloated, which weakens the sexy that exists.

4. Details and materials

I have to say that this nun’s dress still pays attention to details and quality.Its fabrics and details have achieved high -quality standards.However, from the perspective of visual effects, it does not have sexy attributes that sexy underwear should have.

5. Sorry, I don’t like this set of underwear

When my boyfriend took out this lingerie, I was of course surprised.Unfortunately, I don’t have a cold for Nunu.Especially looking at its color -black and white, there is no look at a good look.

6. Education and image

Boyfriend may think that Nunan has a deep Buddhist cultural connotation, but in fact, putting it on it is like standing on the street and selling tea eggs, it is not clear whether it is sold or baked in the image.

7. The essence of sexy underwear

I think the essence of sexy underwear is sexy, so I’m sorry, I am afraid that the nun’s service is not up to the standard.It is impossible to show the beautiful and sexy characteristics of women, and there is nothing to look good.

8. Sexy and cultural influence is not contradictory

If you want to integrate cultural elements into the design of sexy underwear, you can also adopt more meaningful elements, such as the costume design of the Qingming Shanghe Tu, which not only reflects the cultural connotation, but also shows female sexual attributes.

9. Vivid and interesting sexy underwear

The design of sexy underwear may also be vivid and interesting. For example, some unique shapes of underwear can make women look more beautiful, sexy, and vibrant.

10. Finally

Although I must admit that the quality of this nun is good, the overall style is still embarrassing.Regarding sexual feelings, I blindly pursue luxurious texture and popular styles. Although small assets, as long as it is not a fairy, I think most people should have the same opinion as me!

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