Various sexy underwear vacuum display

1. What is a sexy underwear vacuum display?

Interest underwear vacuum display is a way to display sexy underwear. Generally, people will put the sexy underwear in a vacuum bag, and pull out all the air, so that the underwear is full of temptation.

2. Why choose sexy underwear vacuum display?

Interesting underwear vacuum display can fully show the beauty and sexy characteristics of sexy underwear, making them more tempting and attracting attention during the display process.

3. Common erotic underwear vacuum display methods

Common erotic underwear vacuum display methods are: placed on the column, put in a transparent display cabinet, hang it on the wall, and place it on the display rack.

4. What should I pay attention to after the sexy underwear after the vacuum display?

The displayed sexy underwear needs to be placed in a ventilated and dry place to avoid moisture entry and affect the vacuum effect.At the same time, you need to pay attention to avoid direct sunlight and avoid damage due to excessive exposure.

5. What is the effectiveness of the vacuum display of various types of sexy underwear?

Various types of sexy underwear vacuum display effects are different.For example, the lace underwear is more soft after vacuum, the leather underwear is more sexy after vacuum, and the conjoined underwear is more exquisite after vacuum.

6. When will the sexy underwear vacuum display?

Sex underwear vacuum display is usually suitable for sales and display occasions.For example, sex products stores, sexual supplies expo, etc.In addition, you can also consider displaying sexy underwear vacuum when shooting sexy photos or videos.

7. How to achieve the best effect of sexy lingerie is the best?

In order to achieve the best effect of sexy underwear, we can use professional vacuum bags and vacuum pumps.The vacuum bag needs to be made of transparent material, and the material is guaranteed to make the underwear more fit when it is vacuum.The vacuum pump needs sufficient power to make the vacuum effect of the underwear better.

8. Precautions for the vacuum display of sexy underwear

Fun underwear vacuum display needs to pay attention to anti -theft and dust.If it is applied to commercial purposes, it is necessary to take some measures, such as placed in a ventilated and dry display cabinet to install a anti -theft alarm system.In addition, the sexy underwear vacuum display needs to be cleaned before the underwear is cleaned, and the accessories are placed separately to avoid dyeing and damage.

9. How to display the value of sexy underwear is more attractive?

If you have a valuable sexy underwear and want to show it more attractive, you can choose to match it with appropriate lights to make some parts of the underwear more prominent; or add appropriate smoke elements to let the underwear make the underwearMore mysterious.

10. Viewpoint

Although the sexy underwear vacuum display can make the underwear better show its beauty, we should also pay attention to protecting and caring for sexy underwear, so as not to damage them due to excessively frequent vacuum display.

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