Wanshi private sex relationship fun underwear bag hips


Since the beginning of the sexy underwear, it has been on the cusp of fashion and sexy style.As one of the representatives of sexual and emotional omit underwear, Wanshi Private Fan Series has always been loved by women.Among them, Wanshi private fans are a typical example of sexual emotional and sexy underwear, which not only shows the beautiful curve of women, but also adds fun and mood.This article will introduce the advantages, applicable conditions, and word of mouth evaluation of Wanshi private fans.

Advantages of hip design

Wanshi private sex feelings are designed with bag hip design, mainly the following benefits:

1. Highlight the beautiful curve of the hips and enhance women’s self -confidence.

2. The shaping effect is significant, making the figure more slim.

3. Good elasticity, high comfort, good dresses and visual effects.


Wanshi private fan hip style is suitable for the following occasions:

1. Pajamas and home clothing to improve the quality of life.

2. Sexual parties, sexy private photos and sex fashion shows show the charm of personality.

3. Adult products franchise stores or counters to choose a privacy souvenir.

Material and design

The material of Wanshi private fans bag hip underwear is diversified. Common materials include lace, sequins, lace and mesh of elastic fibers.In terms of design, in addition to the hip style style, it can also be paired with other sexy elements, such as the open -ended parts, exquisite embroidery or high -quality sequins.In addition, it also has a camisole and shoulder strap back.Women can choose according to personal preference.

Color and style

In terms of color, the positioning of the hip -type erotic underwear of Wanshi private fans is sexy and luxurious.Its commonly used colors are black, red, gold and silver. These colors take into account both sexy hotness and elegance and luxury.In terms of style, what are the hip -hip lingerie in Wanshi private fans?From the perspective of style, it is divided into the entire lace bag hip underwear, semi -lace hip panties, scoot bag hip underwear and high pocket hip underwear.Each style has the advantages specifically for specific types of women.

How to choose a size

In order to ensure that women are comfortable, there are many sizes to choose from in Wanshi private fans.Generally speaking, the size is S, M, L, XL and other types.When selecting the size, it is recommended that women first refer to the size table on the product detailed page to measure, and choose according to their actual situation to ensure a good dressing experience.

How to maintain the hip -hips and sexy underwear

Wanshi private fans’ hip -hip sex lingerie is a high -end and unique clothing that needs to pay attention to maintenance.Here are some simple maintenance methods:

1. Waterproof: Do not put the hip -hip sex underwear in the water.

2. Hand washing: Hand washing is the best way to maintain.

3. Avoid stacking: Do not stack the hip -hip sex underwear with other clothes, otherwise it will be easily damaged.

4. Light source: When placing it, avoid sunlight, otherwise it will easily destroy the elasticity and brightness of lace.

5. Dry: After cleaning, it should be dried in a ventilated and dry place.

Wanshi private brand reputation

As one of the well -known sexy underwear brands, Wanshi private fans have always been better.Consumers’ feedback on their hip -type sexy underwear is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. I love its texture and comfort, and there is no restraint in wearing.

2. Appreciate its fine workmanship, sign your personality and taste.

3. I am impressed with its sexy effect and believes that it is the leader in the sex lingerie series.


In this era of fashionable and sexy and richness, the sexual emotional erotic underwear of Wanshi private fans has brought an excellent experience to modern women.In terms of selection of styles, size, maintenance, etc., you need to consider your actual situation and needs for selection.In short, sexual feelings are a must -have for women’s kitchen life. Let us cherish and enjoy sex.

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