Wear sex underwear and makeup

Wear sex underwear and makeup

Interest underwear is a special underwear. It has a sense of fashion and mystery than ordinary underwear, becoming a popular current.In many situations, wearing sexy underwear can create many different aesthetics.But, have you considered makeup while wearing sexy underwear?The following are some ideas and skills of wearing fun underwear makeup, so that you will become an enviable fashionista for others.

Choose the right cosmetics

In order to wear makeup in sexy lingerie, you need to choose the right cosmetics.Taking skin as an example, you need to choose basic skin care products with good texture, such as daily cream, night cream, essence, etc.In addition, you need to choose some makeup products, such as lipstick and mascara.Among them, the color of makeup products should be matched with the sexy underwear you wear.

Select sexy underwear carefully

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider wearing it.For example, if you want to participate in a sexy party, you can choose to expose the sexy underwear on the back, which will add a sexy and mystery, and the makeup on the body needs to be bold and distinct.But if you want to participate in a formal dinner, you can choose a more elegant style and match the corresponding makeup to dress yourself as a perfect woman.

Prepare makeup tools and cosmetics

Before makeup, you need to prepare makeup tools and cosmetics.The makeup tools include brushes, sponges, etc., and cosmetics include products with moisturizing, concealer, scorching black.At the same time, you also need to choose some products with highlights and shadows, such as repairing powder and high -gloss powder. They can adjust your facial contour to make you look more beautiful.

Remember to keep the skin humidity

When wearing erotic underwear, remember to keep the skin humidity.Due to the effects of temperature, air humidity, and weather, the skin can easily become dry.In order to avoid this situation, you can spray some moisturizing spray before makeup, and you can spray some water at any time during makeup to make the skin more moist.

Focus on eye and lip makeup

When makeup, you need to pay special attention to the makeup of the eyes and lips.These two parts are prone to problems, especially eye makeup requires special skills to achieve the best results.When choosing the color of the eye shadow, you need to consider various factors such as eye skin tone, eyeliner texture, upper eyelid, and lower eyelid ratio.At this time, you can choose some eye shadows with special functions, such as mascara that can grow eyelashes, concealer with coverage.

Choose the right lipstick color

In addition to eye makeup, lip makeup is also very important.If you wear black sexy underwear, you can choose dark red lipsticks, which will make your lips look very sexy; if you wear red sexy underwear, you can choose light pink or rosy lipstick, so that you can better set off out a better setup outYour skin makes you look more charming.

Try exquisite eyebrow makeup

Eyebrows are an important part of the entire face.When wearing erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to the shape and color of the eyebrows.Especially the eyebrow pencil with similar skin and hair color is even more important.A delicate eyebrow makeup can make your makeup more three -dimensional and add a sense of self -confidence.

Create the current beauty

The focus of dressing underwear and makeup is that you need to create the beauty of the moment.You can create a perfect makeup with sexy, mysterious and personalized makeup by choosing the right cosmetics, carefully dressing up sexy underwear, and considering the entire makeup.Of course, you can also create different personalized styles because of your own match.

In terms of sexy underwear and makeup, everyone has different preferences and styles. However, by choosing the right cosmetics, carefully selecting erotic underwear and building perfection, everyone can create their own makeup style.In short, the process of wearing a fun underwear is full of fun and challenges, and it can also help you better understand yourself and show a unique charm.

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