Wear her spoil underwear for her

Wear her spoil underwear for her


Interest underwear is a unique clothing that can increase the atmosphere of interest and romantic.When a couple tries new things in bed, sexy underwear can act as a stimulus.Wearing a mouth ball is also a striking way, which can increase the fun of sex.This article will discuss how to give your partner with a sparkle underwear to increase the romantic emotions between the two.

Choose sexy underwear

Interest underwear has various styles and types, such as sexy underwear, lace bra, split jumpsuit, transparent pajamas, etc.When you choose sexy underwear, you should consider your taste and preferences of your partner.

Learn the taste of your partner

It is important to understand the taste of a partner before choosing a sexy underwear and whether to wear a mouthball.Some people may like leather and metal jewelry, while others prefer soft lace and cotton.Understanding the taste of your partner can make you choose the right sexy underwear and mouthball.

Correct mouthball selection

Pocket balls have different shapes and materials.Ballows are the most common type, which are usually used for beginners.If you and your partner like a more extreme experience, you can choose a larger or smaller mouthball, or you can choose a mouthball with pores to breathe smoother.When choosing a mouthball, be sure to choose the size and shape of your partner and the mouth shape of your partner.

Skills to wear oral balls

Practice and skills are needed to wear a mouthball.When wearing a spherical ball for the first time, you and your partner should use a slightly smaller mouthball to ensure that it can fully enter the oral cavity, but it will not be too close.After wearing a mouthball, you can use your fingers or dial a signal to determine whether they feel comfortable.

Other ways to increase interest

Interest underwear and mouthball are one of the ways to increase interest.However, there are other methods to increase the romantic emotions between the two.For example, you can try a soft patting or careful care, or increase the frequency of aerobic exercise such as excretion and push -ups.


You should be alert to oral and breathing problems when wearing mouthball.If you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, please remove the mouthball immediately.In addition, it should be cleaned regularly to ensure their cleanliness and health.

Replace regularly

Sex underwear and mouthball should be replaced regularly.If the same underwear or mouthball is often used, they will wear, messy or losing elasticity.Replacement of underwear and pointed balls will ensure quality and hygiene.


Putting a sexy underwear for your partner is one of the ways to increase the romantic emotions between the two.The correct choice of sexy underwear and mouthball, precautions and regular replacement are the methods to ensure that the two enjoy the best experience.But before such experiments, make sure you have a clear consent from your partner and do it with safety and peace of mind.

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