Wear sex underwear novels in the office

The office is a place to formally dress. Although sexy underwear is a private clothing, if you know how to match it, they can also become part of the office dress.Here, I will provide you with some skills to tell you how to wear sexy underwear to the office.

1. Choose the right style

Even at home, wearing inappropriate sexy underwear will make you feel uncomfortable.In the office, you especially need to choose the right style.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should consider the suitable occasions and matching methods.For example, transparent sexy underwear is usually not suitable for wearing in the office.

2. Select the right color

In the office, you should choose the appropriate color.Light -colored sexy underwear is not desirable, because they are easy to use clothes and make people feel that you are too exposed.On the contrary, dark erotic underwear is suitable for wearing in the office because they are not so conspicuous and easy to match clothes.

3. Choose suitable materials

When wearing sexy underwear in the office, you should choose the right material.Generally speaking, cotton and comfortable cellulose materials are good choices because they are breathable and comfortable.In addition, they will not wear your skin.

4. Comfortable to wear first

Comfortable to wear is the most important.Everyone in the office needs to sit on the chair for a long time, so wearing some uncomfortable erotic underwear will make you feel uncomfortable.Choose a comfortable erotic underwear, they can let you sit on the chair comfortably to avoid sweating and sweltering.

5. Avoid too exposed sexy underwear

When wearing a sexy underwear in the office, if you choose an over -exposed style, it will make you look unprofessional.Although the sexy underwear has its charm, in office occasions, you should still pay attention to maintaining a professional image.

6. Cooperate with appropriate clothes

When matching a coat, you should pay attention to the matching with sexy underwear so that the entire dress looks more harmonious.For example, if you choose to wear transparent sexy underwear, you should match a light shirt.If you choose to wear red sexy underwear, you should match a dark coat.

7. Don’t excessively expose

Do not expose too much.Remember, you need to know how to control your sexual underwear.If you are excessively exposed, colleagues in the office may be a little surprised by your shape.Therefore, even if you decide to wear sexy underwear in the office, you should keep it moderately.

8. distinguished from the public style

If you decide to wear sexy underwear to the office, then you should choose a simple dress style and avoid outdated punk style or artistic style.Choose popular things as much as possible so that you can better adapt to the atmosphere of the office.

my point of view

In general, wearing sexy underwear in the office is not a wrong choice.If you can wear sexy underwear at appropriate occasions, appropriate time, and control, then you will feel more confident and sexy, thereby improving your working status and quality of life.

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