Wear sexy underwear in the coat

Wear sexy underwear in the coat

In a more open society, more people can express and pursue their sexual desires freely.As a clothing designed for sex for sex, sexy underwear is increasingly attracted to people’s attention and love.However, how to match coats and underwear reasonably is a problem that many people have been distressed and troubled.This article will introduce the matching techniques and precautions of wearing sexy underwear in the coat to help people with interesting underwear show themselves more confidently.

Buy the right sexy underwear

First of all, it is crucial to buy a suitable sexy underwear.Don’t just pursue style fashion, but also consider your physical conditions and psychological needs.The following are several factors that need to be considered when choosing a sexy underwear:

1. Size: Select the size carefully when buying to ensure that underwear can effectively increase your body proportion.

2. Material: Select the breathable, comfortable, and soft material to ensure that there will be no friction and discomfort in sex.

3. Color: Select the color of sexy underwear according to your skin tone, hair color and personal preference.

Matching skills 1: Choose sexy underwear similar to the color of the coat

The color of the coat is similar or the same as the color of the sexy underwear, which can create a sense of harmony of the overall match.For example, white or light -colored coats can be paired with light -colored or skin -tone sexy underwear; black coats can be paired with black, gray or light purple sexy underwear.

Matching Tips 2: Choose suitable underwear styles

Different coats need to be paired with different erotic underwear.For example, low -cut installations need to be paired with V -shaped underwear or bra, and the open -back installation needs to be paired with a shoulder -free bra. Long skirts need to be paired with high waist underwear.

Matching Tips 3: Good at using sexy underwear to improve the overall shape

Interest underwear is not only a separate decoration, it can also be perfectly combined with the coat to improve the overall modeling effect.For example, you can use chest stickers or transparent underwear to show the perfect chest shape, or choose a deep V -neck sexy underwear to set off the long and slender neck lines.

Matching Tips 4: Don’t be too fancy underwear

Although there are many fancy styles of sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose the simpler and popular styles when matching the coat to avoid grab the camera with each other.At the same time, too fancy underwear can easily destroy the harmony of the overall matching.

Matching skills 5: Pay attention to the texture of the underwear

The material and texture of sexy underwear determine its applicable occasions.For example, lace -made underwear is more suitable for wearing indoors, cooling, selling cute, and sexy occasions; and the underwear of the fluffy material is suitable for wearing outdoors and winter.

Matching Skills 6: Select the well -known accessories

When you have to add accessories to a sexy underwear, pay attention to the clear primary and secondary.For example, white erotic underwear can use black or golden leopard strips or wearing black stockings to add some dark style.

Matching Skills 7: Choose a translucent underwear

If you want to show art underwear, you may choose transparent underwear.Transparent underwear can make people more mysterious and sexy. This shape is useful in stage, performance, photography, and understanding.On the other hand, semi -transparent underwear can also be used to improve the internal warmth in winter and reduce the pipeline of air conditioning.


In addition to matching skills, we need to pay attention to the following aspects: wearing sexy underwear:

1. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the underwear to ensure its beauty and hygiene.

2. Do not wear eye -catching sexy underwear when going out, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

3. Choose sexy underwear that meets your own personality and needs to avoid blindly follow the trend and consumption.


With sex underwear is a private choice and expression.Friends who love sexy underwear should choose the right underwear based on various factors such as their hobbies, temperament, and figure, and be good at using sexy underwear to improve the overall shape and show their unique charm.Through careful matching, we can show our unique insights on the United States and life, and let ourselves more confident in front of the world.

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