Wearing women’s sexy underwear

Wearing a band -style woman with sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear that can increase the sexual interest of husband and wife.In recent years, as a novel fashion element, "Interesting Underwear" has become a fashion choice for women’s self -expression.Now, the design of women’s erotic underwear has been upgraded, and the traditional "wearable underwear" is transformed into "wearing underwear", which brings people more creativity and iQi.This article will introduce the classification of sexy underwear, sexy indexes, dressing feelings and purchasing skills of wearing sexy underwear.

H2-Classification of sexy underwear wearing women’s sexy underwear

1. Classification

There are three main categories of sexy underwear: shoulder strap, neck strap, and conjoined.Among them, the shoulder straps and neck strap are used in the form of similar straps, connected to the upper and lower clothes; the connective form is a conjoined one together, usually a "vest pants".

2. Features

These different types of belt underwear have their own characteristics.The shoulder strap will look more sexy and jump, especially when women turn around and walk, the most effective effect.The neck strap is more flexible and operable. When wearing it, especially the lower part of the lower part, it looks very high -level and sexy.The conjoined body makes the body show the perfect curve and the perfect muscle lines of the buttocks, giving a sense of will and domineering.

H2-Sexy index of sexy underwear in sexy underwear

1. Sexy index implementation

The sexy index of wearing sexy underwear is mainly reflected in different parts.The shoulder strap underwear shows the sexy of women’s collarbone and chest sexy, especially when the texture of the back and the chest can increase the sexy index.The neck -style underwear shows the women’s neck and shoulders very well. It emphasizes the outline of the upper body, which can be worn in close and more sexy.In the end, a conjoined underwear is the most beautiful underwear shape that can best reflect the beauty of women’s body. The muscle lines of the hips and the Las details of the thighs will be displayed at the same time. This shape will make women look very sexy, and there are "big hips" or "big hips" or "big hip" or "big hip" or "The title of the thigh.

2. Personality of wearing a sexy underwear with sexy underwear

In addition to the sexy index, wearing sexy underwear, but also the personality performance in intimate relationships.Wearing them, you can look closer and tender, show another compact temperament that is not the same as usual, strengthen the relationship between each other, increase short human communication, and make the emotional experience more sweet.

H2-wearing women’s sexy underwear wearing feelings


Wearing different types of underwear requires different methods and skills.The shoulder strap underwear is suitable for wearing movements and requires comfort, because they are easy to adjust and have high comfort.The neck -type underwear needs to be carefully worn and adjusted under the deep neckline and tight clothes.Conjusational underwear can be combined with skirts and transparent jackets. The effect is best when dancing.

2. Serving

The comfort of a band -style woman with sexy underwear is very important. These characteristics will directly affect your feelings and comfort.Generally speaking, soft fabrics, loose cloths and suitable sizes are critical to wear.In addition, carefully check the location of the target and wearing comfort to ensure that the underwear is closely fitted with the body without moving or retractable.

H2-buying skills of wearing band underwear

1. Type selection

When buying a band -style woman with sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is whether you really need it and why.If you are a fresh and balanced intellectual girl, then the shoulder strap underwear and neck strap underwear are very suitable for you.If you are a charming and agile little angel, then a conjoined underwear will be your best choice.

2. Material selection

It is important to choose the fabric of a band -style woman with sexy underwear.The softness, thickness and quality of the fabric will directly affect the wear feel.Generally speaking, it is better to choose soft, smooth and light underwear.In addition, it is recommended to choose underwear with appropriate size, reasonable design, and comfortable feel.

3. Precautions for trying on

When trying to wear and wears a woman’s sexy underwear, you must pay attention to some precautions.For example, you need to try on your personal figure, standing posture and walking posture, so as to confirm whether it is suitable for you.At the same time, pay attention to the size standard, because the size of the size is different, so you must determine your own size range when trying it on to avoid uncomfortable due to the inappropriate size of the size.


All in all, wearing sexy underwear will be a very interesting and sexy experience.Whether you want to increase your self -confidence, or to enhance your feelings between your partners, or just try to try some new stimuli and surprises, this way of dressing will become your ideal choice.Of course, it is important to choose a strap -style underwear that suits you, it will directly affect your feelings and actions.If you have any questions, please search and understand at any time.

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